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Below are some commonly asked questions to provide you with more information about Scoop Solar and our suite of products. 

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Scoop’s mission is to increase the efficiency and growth capacity of solar and renewable installers and service providers. Managing distributed operations is complex, so Scoop simplifies and automates your day-to-day processes, freeing up you and your business to focus on what you do best.

In addition to working with solar installers and service companies, Scoop works with a variety of companies across the renewable energy space, including EV charging, battery storage, wind energy, roofing, and HVAC installers, as well as other renewable service and O&M businesses.

The majority of Scoop customers are based in North America but we work with installers and service providers based in the UK, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa, and more.

At Scoop, we believe strongly in continuing a high level of support, not just through the sales process but onwards from when the contract is signed and into the future.  We offer a rigorous and highly supported onboarding program. The Easy Launch Program (ELP) comes complete with your dedicated Customer Success Manager and professional services Technical Project Manager. The program consists of multiple phases, including:

  1. Requirements gathering;
  2. Administrator training and workspace configuration;
  3. Functional team training; and
  4. Go-live support.

On average, onboarding takes about 4 weeks but can be accelerated based on availability of customer resources and information. To ensure onboarding success, we require a minimum level of availability and commitment from the customer executive and operations team.

Payments & Billing

Integrations are live, operating data automation programs that require cloud hosting, data storage, monitoring and continuous maintenance to keep up with updates to 3rd party APIs (e.g. when Salesforce, Quickbooks etc. change their APIs). The GLOO subscription fee ($99/month) provides an economical way to cover these needs on an ongoing basis. This eliminates the need for companies to dedicate their internal team bandwidth or hire developers or consultants (which will be significantly more costly) to keep their integrations live and operating at high uptime.


The Scoop Solar® product suite includes the Scoop platform and associated mobile applications, the LOOXY™ Reporting and Analytics platform, and the GLOO™ Integration Service. This suite of products is designed to provide a comprehensive solution to not only digitizing and streamlining your operations across field and office teams, but also to ensure seamless connectivity across the tech stack (via GLOO) and intuitive analytics to spot trends (via LOOXY). Click on any of these links to learn more or visit our product overview website page.

Because Scoop is designed to be an mPMA, its highly configurable nature means that many customers currently use Scoop as their CRM to track customer, site, and project data, as well as assign sales opportunities and track their progress to completion using views and dashboards. Depending on the requirements your team has for a CRM, Scoop could serve as this solution, either individually or as an integration with your existing technology stack.

Scoop is available in English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese but we strive to support as many languages as possible. If we don’t currently offer a language you require, please get in touch with us.

Yes! Scoop has a fully native and integrated scheduling calendar that can be used to schedule installation projects and service visits. 

While Scoop currently doesn’t provide native inventory management functionality, our team has implemented such solutions using integrations. For example, lists of parts in Google Sheets and a customer’s existing ERP or IMS solutions. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and our team would be happy to provide additional guidance based on experience with similar solar and renewable clients.

Yes. Download the app in the App Store or Google Play.

Yes! The Scoop mobile app is fully functional offline. Users can capture photos, complete form and checklist fields, and add tasks or comments. All updates will automatically sync via the cloud when your device is back online.


GLOO™ is a fully managed and hosted integration solution that helps growing solar and renewable companies connect your technology without the usual hassles and limitations. GLOO connects with 500+ popular cloud solutions and creates a best-of-breed software stack.

Scoop integrates with over 500 software tools. Some of our most popular integrations include Salesforce, HubSpot, Aurora Solar, DocuSign, EverBright, Eversign, HelloSign, Insightly, OpenSolar, PandaDoc, Pipedrive, Solo, Zendesk Sell, and Zoho. Learn more here or to enquire about a specific integration, please contact us.

Yes! In fact we are firm believers in helping customers achieve the most powerful and future-proof technology stack by integrating their best of breed solutions. This is why we offer the GLOO integration service, helping customers connect their Scoop implementation with over 500 other software tools to achieve a seamless and best of breed solution.

In short, the answer is that it depends! While the Scoop platform has a variety of features to help mobilize and automate your operations, connect your field and office teams, and centralize your data and documents, we are firm believers in helping customers build the most powerful and future-proof technology stack with a best-of-breed approach to software. Our proprietary GLOO™ integration service allows us to connect Scoop with hundreds of other tools, including CRM, solar design, e-signature, ERP, accounting and invoicing software, and several other categories, allowing you to use the power of these tools across your team and business.

Analytics & Reporting

LOOXY™ is the Scoop analytics and reporting platform that is tied directly to your project data. Create custom reports and dashboards and easily share data across your organization. 

LOOXY is used by Scoop customers to visualize a variety of important solar and renewable energy reports, including sales pipeline reports showing number of projects, kWs and dollar value sold over preceding weeks, months or quarters, construction pipeline visualization showing the number of projects in various phases over preceding periods, identification of phase / workflow stage bottlenecks, service O&M reports visualizing volume of service tickets and time to resolution trends, geographic map of active projects, workload visualization by team member for resource balancing purposes, and much more.

LOOXY’s drag and drop report builder allows you to create and customize bar graphs, pie charts, heat maps, geo maps, trendlines, and tables.

You and others across your team can create an unlimited number of dashboards and reports in LOOXY.

A major advantage to using LOOXY to report on your operations is that the data updates automatically and effortlessly in real-time. This ensures your team is not waiting on others to update key milestones or metrics in order to receive the full picture. 

Use Cases

Scoop works largely with residential and commercial solar installers, EV charging and battery storage companies, as well as solar service O&M companies. Because of the highly configurable nature of the platform, customers find new use cases for Scoop in their business every day. Don’t see your primary industry listed here? Book a 15-minute discovery call with our team to see if we can help with your use case.

Visit our Commercial Solar webpage to see how C&I installers use Scoop to streamline their operations or explore the commercial solar content on our blog.


We’re always looking to grow our team – check out our Careers page for open roles. 

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