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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about what the Scoop Solar platform is or how it works? Here's a compilation of some common questions (and their responses) that other solar operations, installation and sales managers often ask. Can't find an answer here? Get in touch with us at info@scoop.solar.

Pricing & Usage

What is the difference between Scoop's Platform Pricing and traditional Per User Pricing?

At Scoop we think you should only pay more when you get more value from our platform. To back this up, we have introduced innovative platform pricing that enables unlimited users (for all but the most basic plan), unlimited storage and unlimited projects. Each plan comes with a generous built-in capacity of WorkApp™ (correspond to the number of best practice processes you automate) and scoops (the number of times you run each WorkApp™ and make submissions with these apps).

This also enables you to give access to your contractors, vendors and customers without worrying about hitting a user limit. Therefore, you only upgrade in Scoop if your business is actually doing more activity, instead of when your business is preparing to increase the volume.

How do I determine how many WorkApps™ my team needs?
WorkApps™ correspond to the number of best practice templates that you'd like to streamline and distribute to your team. We recommend creating process maps to lay out the different processes that your team runs on a regular basis.
How do I justify the business case for Scoop?

On average, for a team of 25, Scoop typically produces the following savings on a monthly basis:

  • Reducing need for repeat site visits or truck-rolls by $37,600.
  • Eliminating need for paper forms, manual notes and repeat data entry: savings of $115/employee, $33.60/manager and $11,400 in paper costs.
  • Reducing effort with field reporting and report generation by 75%, or $87.50/employee.

This leads to total savings of $183,800 per month, so it is easy to see how Scoop clients are achieving 15-20X in return on investment (ROI). Compared to the Blaze plan (our most popular level) at $1,349/month, the predicted savings clearly far outweigh the costs of implementation. Even without considering the intangible benefits such as increase team engagement and peace of mind from field data collection errors, the financial justification for subscribing to a Scoop plan is there.

For a more customized calculation of what savings could look like for your business, try out our solar installation ROI calculator or sales ROI calculator.


Does Scoop replace my CRM, asset management, or project management tools?

Scoop is focused on providing a highly flexible, interactive and mobile-friendly layer that extends the reach and effectiveness of backend IT systems, such as CRMs, Asset Management and Service Management systems. Our technology pushes data and functionalities from your existing office software out into the hands of field-based operational personnel working off-site.

While Scoop does not replace your CRM, it does provide many organizational and tracking features for smaller teams that may not yet need a full-fledged CRM. This allows them to boost efficiency and performance of pre- and post-sales activities with customers.

Does Scoop integrate with other platforms such as Salesforce?
Yes, view our integrations page.
How secure is my data on Scoop?

Scoop takes a number of data safety and security measures, including bank-grade security on data traffic (i.e. a 256-bit SSL protocol), encrypted user credentials, action logs, nightly backups, etc. Scoop services and data are hosted on Amazon Web Services, which provides a comprehensive set of data safety and security measures. For a more detailed description of these security measures, please refer to the AWS website or their security whitepaper.

The data that you upload is still owned by you and your company; Scoop does not sell, rent or disclose your data to third parties.

Does Scoop work offline?
Yes, Scoop's mobile WorkApps™ are "native" which means that you can still access them anywhere with or without a network connection. The WorkApps™ functions as it normally does, caching and storing the data locally on your phone until your device detects a network connection. When that happens, the Scoop syncs the mobile data to the cloud so that it is accessible to all the others who have permission to view it.
My CRM (or other backend IT solution) comes with a mobile app. What advantage does Scoop offer?

Although custom mobile apps that come with some platforms are useful and functional, they tend to be deficient in the following ways:

  • They often only support very limited/preset workflows associated with their parent platforms. This ties the managers' hands in having the flexibility to adapt the app experience to their specific processes.
  • They are often not built as mobile-first, do not support offline availability and do not offer multimedia gathering (or two-way communication), which is integral for field workflows.
  • By definition, using these apps will require your personnel to have to learn multiple environments and be continuously switching and logging into multiple apps, which significantly degrades productivity.

Scoop’s WorkApps™ employ an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop app builder that gives you full control in fitting the app to your specific workflows. Scoop was built to function intuitively on mobile for smooth user experience in the field. With a flexible API, our platform can integrate with your backend IT systems so that any data collected from the mobile-optimized Scoop platform can be distributed back to other platforms.