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Scoop is a solar project management software that helps solar and renewable companies standardize and streamline installation and service processes. With 500+ connectors and highly configurable integration logic, GLOO connects Scoop with other solar software tools and LOOXY leverages your operational data to answer vital business questions with drag-and-drop reporting dashboards.

4 Solar Software Technologies That Scale With Your Renewable Operations

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1. Scoop Solar Project Management Software

Our flagship Scoop® Solar Project Management Software enables growing solar and renewable companies to scale operations and manage projects, installations, and service visits.

2. GLOO Integration Service

GLOO™ by Scoop is a world-class integration service that connects your software tools in a powerful way. With 500+ integration connections, customizable data mappings, and turnkey implementation, GLOO enables your fully connected technology stack. 

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3. LOOXY Reporting & Analytics

LOOXY™ by Scoop is the analytics platform that is tied directly to your workflows. Create customizable dashboards and pipeline reports in order to visualize key insights from your operational data. Easily filter, exports, and share reports across your organization. 

4. Scoop Solar Mobile App

The Scoop Solar app mobilizes and engages your field teams by providing them access to critical information, automated workflows, and improved communication while on-site. Available for iOS and Android devices, the Scoop platform is built for field teams. 

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Scoop Solar is the Platform of Choice for Hundreds of Renewable Companies

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Enabling Efficient Operations

Centralized Data & Automated Handoffs

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See Scoop in Action

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Commercial Solar Project Management

Commercial solar projects are complex. Scoop helps your team track everything seamlessly.

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EV Charging Project Management

Use Scoop to standardize EV installation processes across field, office, and partner teams.

Residential Solar Project Management

Scoop is designed to help grow your business and standardize, automate, and track your projects.

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Battery Storage Project Management

Leverage Scoop’s proven platform to manage installation teams across various jurisdictions and sites.

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