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Scoop empowers renewable energy businesses and a variety of use cases through mobile Process Management and Automation (mPMA) technology.

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Scoop's advanced project management features connect field and office teams, making it a powerful solution for roofing contractors and companies looking to scale.

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Scoop provides end-to-end solutions to digitize, automate, and standardize renewable energy projects and service visits. Don't see your use case listed here? Contact us to see how Scoop can help.

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Solar Software Use Cases FAQs

There are a handful of solar software types. Scoop Solar is the solar project management software for planning projects, scheduling employees and tasks, and managing resources, documents, and data. There are also solar sales tools (e.g. Solo), solar design (e.g. Aurora Solar, OpenSolar), job site photo capture (e.g. SiteCapture), and solar referral platforms (e.g. Bodhi).

The best renewable energy software will depend on your company’s current technology stack and processes, as well as what you are hoping to achieve. Using integrations and best-of-breed approach, you can combine powerful functionality of several tools to create the most optimal solution. This may look like integrating your solar project management software (i.e. Scoop Solar) with your CRM, solar design tool, proposal or e-signature platform, accounting software, and more.

Scoop is a solar project management platform with the ability to store and maintain customer data. Scoop’s GLOO Integration Service connects Scoop with 500+ other software tools, including solar sales, proposal, design, and accounting platforms.

The key features of Scoop’s solar operations software are a project progress tracker that updates in real-time, project templates and checklists to standardize data collection, Global Fields™ that eliminate manual and repeat data entry, and Auto Actions™ to create automated tasks, emails, and work handoffs when specific criteria is met. Scoop also offers powerful bi-directional integrations through GLOO and an intuitive drag-and-drop report builder through LOOXY Analytics.   

Companies can use integrated solar business management platforms to track projects and client information, generate proposals, manage payments and billing, monitor inventory levels, generate detailed reporting, and more.