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Scoop's project management software enables growing solar and renewable companies to scale operations and manage projects, installations, and service visits.


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Connect Field Operations and Project Management

Scoop’s Project Tracker Live™ dashboard is an automated and real-time platform to manage your projects, installations, and service visits. The dashboard is completely customizable, allowing your team to configure project cards, phases, and at-a-glance data fields.

Create project templates, standardized workflows, and budgeted timelines while also enjoying the flexibility of Conditional Display Rules to display or hide specific phases based on project scope. ​

Mobilize Work Process Management

The Scoop Solar Mobile App empowers your field team with a powerful project management solution that they can use on-the-go. The Scoop platform collects, organizes, and streamlines solar data, documents, and workflows and the solar app provides your team with access to this information while in the field, at the office, and anywhere in between.

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Organize Data, Documents, and Media

Scoop’s Global Fields™ allow you to auto-populate data, media, and documents throughout various project stages, eliminating tedious and duplicate data entry. Reference these fields across client, site, and project data. Smart Forms™ provide you with the flexibility to add text, dropdown, numeric, address, signature, and other types of content within your work orders and project forms.

Automate Project Handoffs with Flexible Workflows

Use Auto Actions™ to create automated emails, task assignments, and work handoffs when specific criteria is met. As your project reaches key milestones, automatically email professionally branded PDF reports to your clients. Auto Actions can even trigger the next stage of your project and alert team members, partners, and customers.

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Simplifying Solar Service and O&M: Technology for Automation

As the demand for solar service skyrockets, it becomes crucial to create systems that can handle an increased workload, diverse service requirements, and dispersed teams.

Thursday, June 22 at 9am PT / 12pm ET

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Live Webinar

Reducing Project Management Challenges for Solar & EV Installers

In this webinar, we will share key growth challenges and solutions that renewable installers are using to help their teams manage heavy project loads while enabling profitable growth.

Wednesday, June 28 at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET

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Scoop Overview & Demo

Your team cannot afford the time, mistakes, and higher costs wasted on manual, repetitive, administrative tasks. Don’t let manual processes, spreadsheets, broken CRMs, and inefficiency hold you back from growth.

Weekdays at 9am PT / 12pm ET or on-demand.

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Scoop Solar Project Management Features

Rooted in the principles of Mobile Process Management & Automation (mPMA) technology, Scoop Solar is a comprehensive project management and operations platform. Built for solar and renewable companies, Scoop allows your employees to work more efficiently through workflow automation, data centralization, and field workforce engagement. 

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Unlimited Storage & Users

Enjoy unlimited users to extend the benefit of Scoop’s cloud-based platform to your entire team, including contractors.

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Flexible Access Controls

Create specific, role-based access controls that provide your employees and contractors with just the right amount of data.

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Intuitive User Interface

Engage your field teams, office employees, and partners with Scoop’s powerful but intuitive platform design.

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Direct experience has taught us that traditional project management software has many shortfalls when it comes to renewable energy and other field-based, mobile, and distributed industries. That’s why we’ve created a new category of technology, Mobile Process Management & Automation (mPMA) to organize and empower today’s remote and multiorganizational workforce. 

Babak Sardary

CEO & Co-Founder, Scoop Solar

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Solar Project Management Software Use Cases

Residential Solar Project Management

Simplify residential solar project management and free up resources for growth. Scoop’s Mobile Process Management & Automation (mPMA) software helps you standardize, automate, and track projects easily. 

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EV Charging Project Management

Streamline EV charging installations, from site survey to commissioning. Meet the intense demand for EV charging infrastructure by standardizing your install process across field, office, and partner teams. 

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Solar Project Management FAQs

Solar project management software is a tool that helps manage solar projects. It can track project progress, key contacts, dependencies, and timelines. Solar project management software provides visibility across an organization and is a great way to help scale solar operations.

The key features of Scoop’s solar project management platform are a project progress tracker that updates in real-time, project templates and checklists to standardize data collection, Global Fields™ that eliminate manual and repeat data entry, and Auto Actions™ to create automated tasks, emails, and work handoffs when specific criteria is met. Scoop also offers powerful bi-directional integrations through GLOO and an intuitive drag-and-drop report builder through LOOXY Analytics. 

Solar pv project management software is best suited for solar installers and service providers – both residential and commercial solar – but can also be used to manage battery storage, EV charging, and other renewable energy installations.