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LOOXY™ allows you to create customizable dashboards and pipeline reports to visualize key insights from your operational data. Easily filter, export, and share reports across your organization.


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Real-Time Reports Tied Directly to Your Data

LOOXY is a powerful business intelligence, analytics, and reporting platform. Avoid spending hours searching for and collating data from multiple tools and spreadsheets. Instead, LOOXY is tied directly to your data, making it easier than ever to access detailed insights on your solar operations.

Drag and Drop Dashboard Builder

Create and customize dashboards with LOOXY’s drag-and-drop interface. Within each dashboard, add multiple sections, KPIs, and charts with unique data. User interactions allow your team to view both high-level insights and trends, as well as the ability to drill-down to more granular dashboards and charts.

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Flexible Data Filtering

Easily slice and filter your operations data to hone in on the most relevant metrics. Examine a variety of data categories including projects, work orders, tasks, and sites and choose how your data is displayed – bar graphs, pie charts, heat and geo maps, and more give you full control over the visualization of your data.

Create, Export, and Share Detailed Reports

Create an unlimited number of dashboards, charts, and metrics and share them across your team or with other stakeholders. Export reports as PDF documents or easily configure automated email alerts to notify employees across your organization and provide them with the PDF as well as a link to the dashboard within LOOXY.

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Watch the LOOXY Analytics Webinar

How efficient is your reporting today? Is your team spending time exporting data from various tools, trying to consolidate it into one spreadsheet, cleaning it up, and sharing it with others across your organization?

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Solar Reporting & Analytics Software Use Cases

Residential Solar Project Management

Simplify residential solar project management and free up resources for growth. Scoop’s Mobile Process Management & Automation (mPMA) software helps you standardize, automate, and track projects easily. 

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Commercial Solar Project Management

Commercial solar projects are complex. Scoop provides you with the framework to organize, streamline, mobilize, and automate your installation processes. 

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