The Smartest Solar Leaders Trust Scoop

From small start-up to large enterprise, Scoop is the trusted platform to standardize and automate solar operations

Ipsun Solar

“With Scoop, our crews have everything they require at their fingertips in the Scoop App. It is reliable, easy to use and standardized across every job. With the CRM integration we eliminate all duplicate data entry.”

Herve Billet, CEO

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HES Solar

“For us, Scoop is an innovation platform. It allows us to easily create custom apps to streamline many parts of our operations.  The Scoop JCO App for SunPower enables our team to quickly take pictures in the field and within minutes we’re able to get an automated JCO pdf report at the office, ready for submission.”

Tyler Miller, Chief Operating Officer

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SunSystem Technologies

Derek Chase smiling

“SunSystem Technology is on an incredible trajectory for growth, and Scoop Solar’s flexible platform has been the perfect tool for us to grow with in our quest to reach for more.”

Derek Chase, CEO

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ENGIE Services US

Jamal Aboueljoud

“Scoop has helped us tremendously with organizing our work, not to mention being a major asset for my team in the field…We are looking forward to continuing our fruitful relationship with Scoop for years to come.”

Jamal Aboueljoud, Director Post-Construction Services

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Jason Case VP Ops MaxSolar smiling

“Scoop has been a great partner and the platform is a tremendous asset during a time of rapid growth for MaxSolar. It streamlined our field operations & reporting capabilities considerably, which has allowed us to focus on other high priority items as we continue to scale our business.”

Jason Case, VP Operations

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Sigora Solar's logo

Sigora Solar

“We’ve worked closely with the Scoop team to create work apps…Now, our field crews walk onto the site equipped only with easy access to the checklists, and virtual support.”

Logan Landry, CEO

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Solar Smart Living

“We started looking [for software tools] but still integrating with everything that we had didn’t work. That whole integration process was really inefficient…We were able to start bringing everything together using the tools at Scoop and the back end to bring all the pieces in one.”

Alan Morgan, Director of Residential and Commercial Installations and Market Development

Lumina Solar

Before Scoop things were really manual and after we have integrated Scoop, everything is way more efficient. Not only has Scoop saved us on some of our CRM costs for having to pay per user, we’ve actually been able to take a lot of our users off of our CRM.

But it’s also saved us from having to hire additional people to help do some of those inefficiencies: the manual inefficiencies of downloading and uploading photos or just the notes that we take during surveys and installs. So, it’s saved us in time management, as well as in our pocket.

Erin (Kelly) McGaun, Director of Operations

BTC Power

“As the EV industry evolves, Scoop is our go-to solution to systematically define scope of work, schedule campaigns, assign resources, and track project completion.”

Joshua Kelaher, Senior Product Service, Engineer

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