Workflow Automation Saves Thousands in Annualized Solar Operation Costs

The insidious costs of inefficiency amidst a complex process

Do you ever wonder why it feels like despite doing everything right, your solar projects still somehow fall behind schedule and cost more than planned? You have already hired the most talented project managers in the industry, you have established a robust sales program and paid for the most promising leads, but still your solar operations costs somehow refuse to shrink. What could be wrong?

You’re doing the best you can managing multiple teams both on and off-site, but in the solar field there’s no single tool to centralize data between field and office or organize the many team members involved and communication streams required. 

How can you possibly streamline your solar operations to achieve the profitability you need to survive? 

Have you considered the high cost of inefficiency, and how this silent killer is literally stealing money from your company’s coffers? Have you calculated the cumulative cost of your project team re-entering project information across several IT systems or tools for every stage of each project? What about your field team having to check across multiple tools just to find the right information to start their Site Survey or Service Visit?

If your business is not as efficient as it could be, even the most talented team of project managers, field techs and office staff will not make things right.

Quantifying the cost of solar project management and operations inefficiency

Depending on the size of your company and the complexity of your solar operations management, these expensive inefficiencies could be costing you thousands and even millions of dollars–cash that could be better spent expanding your business or realized in the bottom line. Every manual intervention in what should be an automated process, every email unreturned and every skipped step in the project phases of a project is one more inefficiency. 

Centralize and streamline your operations team, stakeholders, data and processes

Scoop Solar’s Customers who now trust Scoop at over 8,000 projects and client sites globally have eliminated these operations inadequacies and destroyed their profit-killing repercussions. Instead of relying on manual intervention every step along the way, Scoop users enjoy annualized savings through a seamlessly connected project management solution. With our innovative solar Project Management, Work Automation & Field Ops App, remote workers can easily report, have diagnosed, and resolve any issues in the field. No more emailing back and forth, no more phone tag, and no more disrupted days and wasted hours waiting for a response.

As a solar operations manager, you have enough on your plate, and you have experienced more than your fair share of frustration. Data is missing and disorganized, report generation is inefficient, miscommunications leads to repeat site visits. These were all problems SunSystems Technology’s CEO, Derek Chase, was facing at one time. All before Scoop saved SunSystems a whopping 4.6 million in annualized operations costs.

Chase took a hard look at his operations and noted response times where slow and countless hours were lost just waiting for responses from the office. Field techs were standing around at customer sites, doing nothing while they waited for approval so the project could move forward. This was resulting in a host of problems from dissatisfied customers, to disgruntled field techs unhappy with the delay of the project, and frustrated with the limited level of service they were able to provide. 

By automating these manual processes, Scoop Solar was able to overcome all of these challenges and more, resulting in a more streamlined solar operations management and a more consistent experience for customers, field technicians, project managers and others with a stake in the outcome.

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