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Software for Solar Sales, Installations & Service Operations

Platform for solar, EV charging, and renewable companies to centralize data, engage teams, and automate workflows.

Let’s Solve:

Missed handoff from sales to operations
Sales not seeing projects progress
Personnel leaving site without pictures
Repeat client or project data entry
Challenges scheduling field crews
Designers missing critical data
Repeat truck rolls due to missed steps
Missing as sold docs and plan sets
Missing AHJ specific requirements
Inconsistent client progress communication
Missing pictures during job closeout
Repeat data entry into multiple systems
Challenges with missed invoices
Time consuming client reporting
Too many silo'd software tools
Inability to see reliable project progress
Challenges working with outside partners
Scoop Solar Operations

Build Your Conveyor Belt of Renewable Operations™

Leverage Advanced Workflow Management & Automation to Capitalize on Renewables Market Expansion

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Streamline Sales Handoff to Operations

Smooth out sales opportunity intake and handoff of contracts, data & docs to operations with automated workflows.

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Automate Design & Permitting Workflows

Give designers and permitting coordinators a solid framework for efficiency, speed and accuracy.

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Execute Flawless Solar Field Installations

Reduce the complexity for field personnel and ensure all key steps are followed consistently regardless of the crew.

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Finish Projects with Perfect JCOs & PTOs

Speed up Job Closeout (JCO) and Permission to Operation (PTO) processes. Automate client communication and invoicing.

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Build Profitability into Service Operations

Simplify service troubleshooting and PM ticket creation, scheduling field execution & reporting.

Why the Time to Transform Your Solar Operations is Now

Renewables Are Growing

Unique window of time to grow your business in solar, storage & EV.

Having to double your team to double your business is not practical.

The right digitization & automation tech can help you take the lead.

How to Scale Your Operations

Use solar energy software to streamline work order and project management.

Use modern workflow automation to increase efficiency.

Engage your team & free up 39+ hrs of labor per installation project.

We Specialize in Solar

Unlike generic software, the Scoop team lives and breathes renewable operations.

Our platform and mobile app are built for distributed, field-intensive, and mobile operations.

It's not just about software. We work together to transform your operations.

Everyday Challenges We Help Solve

Scoop is saving solar & renewable teams ~40 hours of labor worth $1,400 per installation project

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Capturing reliable data & pictures by field personnel

Do your field crews struggle getting information, documents & pictures back to the office in a timely manner? 


Keeping installation projects moving forward

Are missed task handoffs and forgotten steps resulting in projects being delayed? 


Reporting reliable status of installation & service

Does your team have visibility to the status of work in progress with a central dashboard?

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Scheduling & assigning work orders to field staff

Are your calendars connected to work orders that can be accessed in both the field and office?

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Ensuring consistent client & project data

Does your team spend hours every week manually re-entering the same duplicate info from system to system?

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Keeping clients in the loop with work progress

Is anyone in the business having to manually craft update emails providing internal team members?


Scoop platform features

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Enabling Efficient Operations

Centralized Data & Automated Handoffs

Ease of Access & Use in Field or Office

Connected Tools & Projects Dashboard

Seamlessly Connect All Your Tools

Scoop integrates with 500+ leading design, proposal, CRM, ERP, and accounting systems. Enjoy turnkey integrations powered by our  GLOO™ platform tailored to your needs.  This saves you development costs and achieves fully end-to-end automated workflows.


Cutting edge software, created by people who know field operations

In our past careers we put in the long days and nights in the field, managed countless installation projects, and juggled complex service calls— so we created tools to streamline that work. Today, our software leads the field in ease of use and speed to value. So much so, that it’s defining a new category: mobile work Process Management & Automation or mPMA.



Founded by Babak Sardary & Mojgan Givi to simplify and automate industrial field work. Soon after made decision to focus on solar & renewables.



Where more than 9 million installation & service tasks, checklist items and multimedia have been executed & reported to date.



Based on multiple customer case studies that calculate hard savings in data entry, site reporting, client communications & repeat truck rolls.

Value based pricing that grows with you

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