LOOXY™ Analytics by Scoop

Whether you are a small and locally-owned business, or running hundreds of solar installations a month, one thing is certain: you love finding ways to reduce costs and improve efficiencies across your organization. One way to do this is with accurate, real-time data. 

Scoop Solar’s project management software enables efficient operations for residential and commercial solar, EV charging, and battery storage installers and service companies. Along with centralizing data, automating handoffs, and mobilizing your business, you can also gather valuable insights and analytics on your operations. 

LOOXY™ is a new and advanced business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform. This tool allows you to visualize everything from deals and contract value in various stages of your pipeline, sales rep monthly commission reports, number of service visits in a given time period, invoicing timelines for each project, and more. These insights can be leveraged to help make more informed decisions surrounding your projects, materials, process bottlenecks, and resourcing. 

User Benefits

LOOXY Analytics presents your project data in a way that is useful for making informed and accurate business decisions. This, however, will look different across various teams and functions of your business. For that reason, LOOXY’s unique pricing model includes unlimited users which allows you to add any number of team members and create dashboards that are customized to each team’s specific metrics and reporting needs. These dashboards are helpful in both informing and engaging today’s often remote team members and cultivating a healthy environment of teamwork, performance, and achievement.

Here’s how different teams can generate value with LOOXY. 

Sales Teams

“I want to be able to track my sales reps and partners productivity, including how many leads they are creating and actively working, their close percentage, and the deals in their pipeline. I also need to calculate commission payout on every deal. This sales report would be helpful for my inventory and procurement team as well, and give them a forecast of the upcoming inventory requirements as projects are sold.”

There is a variety of important data for sales teams to look at and without the proper tools in place, this data can quickly become outdated, disjointed, and fail to paint a clear picture. 

LOOXY helps answer these questions, and more: 

  • What is my sales team or external sales partners currently working on? 
  • How many deals are currently being worked by my sales reps? 
  • What stage are the various deals at? 
  • What is the value of these deals? 
  • How long have they been at the various stages along the funnel? 
  • Is there an easier way to consolidate data and calculate monthly commission reports for sales reps? 
  • How can I more easily provide reporting to my sales reps on how many deals they’ve converted over a given time period? 

Solar Sales Dashboard Report LOOXY Analytics

Production & Installation Teams

“I want to be able to quickly understand the status of each of my projects and how they are progressing. I also want to easily communicate with my inventory team about materials that may need to be ordered and my finance team about expected payment dates for important project milestones.” 

Production and installation teams have a pivotal role in ensuring that projects move along smoothly and as planned. In order to have this bird’s eye view, you must be able to access up-to-date installation reports, including: 

  • Associated details on any given set of installation projects
  • Materials required in early project phases to communicate with inventory teams
  • Contracted value sold currently in each project phase 
  • Payment timelines and due dates for each project milestone
  • Installation project regions to allow me to schedule and reschedule crews as effectively as possible

Solar Sales Dashboard Report LOOXY Analytics

Service Teams

“I know there is an opportunity to save money by making our service visits more efficient. In order to make changes, I have to first understand how many service visits are being made by my team, both scheduled and unscheduled. I also need to evaluate resourcing, time per visit, and more, in one single report to make informed changes.” 

To reduce costs, save time, and increase capacity to grow your business, service teams require reporting on the overview of all service visits, as well as the ability to zoom in and review granular details. LOOXY provides answers to commonly asked service questions: 

  • How many service visits are being completed by my team per week? What about monthly? Quarterly? 
  • How can I easily see data aggregated across all service requests? Including: 
    • Ratio of service covered under warranty
    • Services requiring parts replacement
    • The parts that are being replaced the most often
    • Average time per service visit for my crew
  • Where can I see a queue of my scheduled versus unscheduled service visits?
  • How can I assess the effectiveness of my resourcing and see which technicians I have scheduled across different dates?

Solar Service Visits Dashboard Report LOOXY Analytics

Product Features

Fully Integrated Solution

LOOXY has a native integration with the Scoop® platform, meaning you have full access to and control over your data. An integrated solution helps your team overcome the limitations experienced with other analytics tools. Avoid missing data and manual uploads with a fully integrated data sync tied directly to your Scoop data. 

Default and Custom Reports

LOOXY comes ready to showcase important metrics and KPIs related to the health of your business with default field analytics and pre-built reports. But because not all businesses are created equal, LOOXY also gives our customers the flexibility to create custom reports and leverage data that is unique to you. With custom reports, you can dig into high-level trends while simultaneously monitoring granular changes that matter most to your team. 

Drag and Drop Interface

As an advanced BI and analytics platform, LOOXY is designed to make reporting accessible, no matter your skill set. The user-friendly, no-coding-required design allows users to simply drag and drop numeric, date, multiple choice values, and other operational data types to create detailed analytic reports. The intuitive layout makes it easy to configure dashboards and charts, and monitor metrics & KPIs over time. 

Data Filtering

Easily slice and filter your operations data to hone in on the most relevant metrics. Examine a variety of data categories including projects, work orders, tasks, and sites and choose how your data is displayed – bar graphs, pie charts, heat and geo maps, and more give you full control over the visualization of your data. 

Export and Share Reports

Create an unlimited number of dashboards, charts, and metrics and share them across your team or with other stakeholders. Export reports as PDF documents or easily configure automated emailing to alert members across your organization and provide them with the PDF as well as a link to the dashboard within LOOXY. 

Along with organizing information, providing transparency across the organization, and increasing efficiencies, solar project management software also contains valuable insights and analytics on customers, projects, and processes. The LOOXY Analytics platform is fully integrated with Scoop, providing you full access to and control over your data. 

For more information on how LOOXY can provide insight to you and your specific business challenges, connect with us today. 

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