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Grow Beyond Spreadsheets & Documents

Spreadsheets and other sheet, or document-based tools have their place but as your scale your operations they fall short of your distributed team’s data & collaboration needs. 


Make it Easy to Get Work Done Anywhere

Scoop Work Apps™ let you easily create & assign work items. Each app acts like a self-contained unit of work that your team can access & execute on their desktop or just as easily from their mobile device in the field.


Overcome Labor Shortage With Higher Productivity

Adding team members to take on more work is important but with the current skilled labor shortage, it’s just as important to ensure the team you have can drive maximum productivity.

Solar project management & service scheduling app with serious smarts

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Work Apps - mobilize each work process with form fields & workflow

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“Scoop has everything in one place where you can have access to a lot of information - a click or two away. We're using Scoop to manage projects that have been sold from start to finish.”

By Jason Wiswell

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“Scoop has helped us to track the status of our projects as well as the status of individual tasks, and greatly improved the speed and efficiency at which updates and information are communicated between team members.”

By Mealani Parish

VP Administration
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Project Templates - standardize & track your EPC projects with ease

smart form features

Smart Forms - minimize missing data, adapt to jurisdictions & system types

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Lumina Solar
“What was great about Scoop was we can make a lot of the fields required versus optional. So it really helped our crews to never forget the most important information that we need.”

By Noah Jacobs

Director of Energy Services and Maintenance
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Renova Energy
“Having Scoop with automated PDFs has definitely improved the turnaround when it comes to sending invoices to homeowners.”

By Raul Giles

Project Management Supervisor

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Auto Actions - automate your installation & service workflows

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With Scoop your are not just saving time and money. You’re also gaining a partner and a platform for creativity and growth.


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“We're using Scoop to manage projects that have been sold from start to finish. We use Scoop to manage roofing, solar batteries, smart homes and gutters. You can customize Scoop and create different workflows any way you want."

JASON WISWELL | COO, Simmitri Inc.

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