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Where does your O&M team spend their time?


Help your O&M team get it right the first time, every time.

Bring the full suite of historical information ("the whole scoop") and remote expert support into the hands of your O&M personnel so they no longer have to guess or spend hours waiting onsite or repeating site visits.


Increase O&M Profitability & Customer Satisfaction Together

The Scoop solution helps O&M technicians access and communicate data with context to make collaboration and remote support easier than ever. By streamlining the operations and maintenance process and making it easier for field crew to do their job, you'll increase customer satisfaction while spending less time and money.

The Scoop Solution for O&M

Access all the details and history of an Installation anywhere

Every past activity & detail for a particular installation starting from sales to installation, commissioning and O&M can easily be accessed with a few taps on the Scoop mobile app. Techs can use powerful filtering to find the information they need to troubleshoot a piece of equipment faster and more reliably.

Get mobile standardized inspection & troubleshooting checklists

Going from memory may have been fine when the operation was small with just a few seasoned people but as the team grows standardization is key. With Scoop's highly configurable and easy to access mobile forms, inspection and troubleshooting procedures can be easily automated across the team.

Save time, generate professional grade reports in seconds

With Scoop's advanced report generation feature you can create professional looking reports instantly. Simply configure the content you wish to include, set your logo and other identifying information and press generate. What used to take hours now takes seconds and consistently looks great.

Use multi-way live communication to resolve customer issues

Scoop provides live two-way communication between across your team wherever they may be. Techs can post live questions about a particular issue complete with pictures and videos while designated remote colleagues get notified and can provide guidance in a live thread.

Seamlessly feed O&M data into your asset management or service software

Using a separate software to track service tickets or assets? Scoop is a user-friendly layer that integrates well with a wide variety of software so that your technicians can easily access the data they need on their phones. Data can be feed to or from these tools!

How Scoop Works for O&M Support


Open Scoop while in the field

Whether in the office or out in the field, crew members can access Scoop data offline.

Access related forms and details

Find pre-set forms and previously-entered customer details easily so you don't need to rely on your memory.

Mark up photos to show issues

Explaining concerns have never been easier. Mark up images, send videos or post comments to get what you mean across more easily than ever.

Communicate with experts instantly

Send concerns to engineers back in the office quickly and receive remote support without leaving the site.

Take your O&M process to new heights with Scoop Solar.

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