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Are your solar installations as fast as they could be?


Speed up your installation contract-to-cash timeline

Missed steps or human errors can create frustrating delays in the installation or commissioning process. Stop the ripple effect in its tracks and maximize your customers' satisfaction.


How much money could you be saving by streamlining your installation processes? Use this customizable calculator to find out!

Bring Efficiency & Predictability to Installations

Your company's determined the optimal set of steps to deliver quality installations on time, but what if field crews do not follow those procedures? By standardizing and automating these steps with Scoop, you can ensure that your next installation is just the way you would have done it – whether be it by an entry-level or experienced technician.

The Scoop Solution for Installation

See Full Project Details Anywhere

Detail out the installation steps and specifics for each type and unit of equipment. Provide integrated instructions for the particular customer and site including pictures.

Integrated Checklists

Even experienced techs can forget key steps. With Scoop's highly configurable checklists, picture, comment and task fields you can achieve consistency of key field procedures such as installation and commissioning.

Mobile Documentation

Scoop works even when there is no cell service. Installation crews can access reference manuals or equipment specification documents easily when the need arises. No more taking guesses and unnecessary risks.

Mobile Documentation

Make the most of your CRM and project management software! Scoop acts as a mobile-friendly layer that integrates with your tools to simplify how your installation crew accesses and updates data remotely.

How Scoop Works for Installation Crews


Configure Standard Checklist Apps

Online or offline, crew members can open up a work app that encourages them to follow and document all the right steps.

Assign Required Fields & Pictures

Managers have the ability to make certain fields mandatory such that the field crew member cannot finish the site visit without inserting those details.

Provide Effective Troubleshooting

Have a question or concern while on a site visit? The field crew can immediately communicate them with the office using included contextual communication tools.

Automatically Sync Data

Functional across iOS, Android and web, data collected off-site is synchronized to the cloud so that office staff no longer have to wait hours for the latest data.

Make installations a breeze with Scoop Solar.

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