Project Description

Integration Usage

Link the events in your Pipedrive account with creation and assignment of various scoop types.  Feed relevant data collected using Scoop back into corresponding Pipedrive fields such as those in sales opportunities or service cases.  Create a “FLO” as a series of steps  to automate or integrate data and workflow with Scoop. In this way when an Event “triggers” the FLO it will perform each Action and Function, one by one, from left to right.  See the specific set of available Events and Actions for integrating with Scoop.

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Powered by: Scoop Robotix GLOO™
Support: Fully Hosted & Managed Service

Available Events & Actions

  • New Mail Message
    Start FLO when a new mail message is sent to or received from a contact
  • New Record
    Listen for new records
  • Updated Field in Records
    Listen for updated fields in all records of the specified type
  • Updated Record
    Listen for updated records
  • Create
    Create a record such as a new activity, deal, contact, or organization
  • Delete
    Delete a record
  • HTTP Request
    Make an authenticated HTTP request to the Pipedrive API
  • Search Record by ID
    Read record matching a specific ID
  • Search Record by Term
    Read record matching a specific term
  • Update
    Update a record