Inefficient or Incomplete Job Closeouts Can Cast a Long Shadow on the Whole Solar Project

Job closeouts are the final and arguably most crucial phase in a solar job. They’re the last step you take before you can move on to new projects, and they’re the last impression you leave with a customer. They’re also, without a doubt, the most costly phase of a residential project. 

If you ask any solar project manager what the most error-prone, time-consuming portion of any job is, they’ll all tell you that job closeouts represent a huge time sink of team members’ bandwidth and often come at the cost of customer satisfaction. But what if that didn’t have to be the case?

What if your PM’s didn’t have to approach JCOs with dread, crossing their fingers that they don’t fail another site inspection. What if they didn’t have to fight incorrectly documented information, poor technology syncing, and hours of unfruitful manual searching only to force another costly repeat site visit? We’re here to tell you they don’t.

See How JCO Automation Streamlines Solar Operations

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See How JCO Automation Streamlines Solar Operations

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See How JCO Automation Streamlines Solar Operations

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Streamlining JCOs with Scoop

Scoop offers configuration flexibility that empowers your project managers to standardize documentation processes and mandate exactly what is needed to pass an inspection for any given job.

It also empowers your whole team to perform their portions of the process with a mobile-first, industrial strength app that is designed for ease of use. This means your field teams are able to view, document, and share key project information from anywhere–even offline.

Other features that simplify solar project job closeout are:

  • Configuration flexibility: empower your project managers to mandate steps and data asset collection for every phase of a project to ensure every piece of data, measurement, documentation and images are exactly what is needed to pass inspection.
  • Innovative global data fields: necessary text and picture data that is captured throughout the work process is stored centrally for throughout the whole project, and available when needed during closeout.
  • PDF report wizard: effortlessly generate a ready-to-submit report that includes all relevant measurements and pictures.
  • Report automation: transmit the PDF report to stakeholders automatically via email (or API integration where available) when the JCO checklist is complete.

Increase Efficiency with the Solar Job Closeout App

Scoop’s automation and user-friendly features unlock a world of workflow efficiencies that are generating 20x cost saving ROI for our customers. Learn more about the Solar Job Closeout App.

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Scoop® Solar is the preferred SunPower® vendor and the leading provider of solar software for project management, data management and workflow automation. Scoop® is helping solar, battery storage, EV infrastructure companies of all sizes execute thousands of projects & maintenance tasks, connect their software tools, increase efficiency and their capacity for growth. On average, customers save upwards of 40 hours per project and achieve 20-30X return on investment with Scoop.

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