Inside ARP Solar: How We Overcame the Chaos & Grew Despite Challenging Times

Ohio’s top solar installer shares how to overcome old bottlenecks and achieve operational excellence.

The Speakers

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Company Spotlight

Started in 2008, ARP Solar is the leading solar and storage solutions provider in Southeastern Ohio and West Virginia.

Join the webinar to see ARP’s connected operations hub.

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John McNamara
COO at ARP Solar

John has been committed to building operational excellence at ARP and coaching fellow solar leaders do the same. 

John will share the highs and lows of navigating change management and embedding compliance into ARP Solar’s DNA.

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Tyrell Mara
VP Operations at Scoop

Tyrell has worked with hundreds of residential and commercial solar teams to implement operational transformation and achieve growth.

Are Your Operations Chaotic & Costly?

Examine & re-imagine your operations through the lens of modern workflow automation technology.

About The Webinar

We explore the operations hub behind ARP Solar’s growth in this fireside conversation. See how they implemented workflows and personalized views to elevate team performance.

Why It Matters

When businesses gets busy – or on the flip side when things slow down – operational improvements often take a backseat. Insights from ARP Solar’s success story will empower you to stay the course to supercharging your solar operations.

Webinar Details

Topics Covered Will Include

  • Strategies to Adapt to Changing Solar Industry Dynamics
  • Deal-Breakers in Operational Bottlenecks
  • Empowering Teams Through Change Management
  • Live Demo: ARP Solar’s Top Dashboards to Track Performance
  • Live Demo: View of ARP Solar’s Fully Integrated Tech Stack
  • Live Demo: ARP Solar’s Project Trackers and Workflows

Exploring how ARP Solar has successfully navigated industry changes amidst challenges like IRA and rising interest rates.

Understanding why ARP Solar decided their old processes were unsustainable and the turning point that led them to transform operations.

Discovering strategies to empower teams and foster a culture of change, drawing insights from ARP Solar’s journey.

A live demonstration of 3 essential dashboards used by ARP Solar every day, from executive to operational dashboards.

Exploring ARP Solar’s secrets to connecting their tech stack for streamlining projects from sales, design, installation, and service.

Exploring ARP Solar’s operations hub that enabled their entire team to do their jobs better – instantly. See their project board, App templates, workflows, and CDRs to streamline installations and service.

Watch the Replay