A technician from SunSystem Technology completes a field installation.

The peace of mind that comes with using Scoop® to manage field data and activities is invaluable.  Now, we can focus on doing the work that drives our customers’ satisfaction and grows our company.”

– Mark Martinez, Business Applications Manager

Scoop Helped SunSystem Solve 6 Key Operational Challenges Saving them $4.6M Per Year

Faster Project Turnarounds

SST eliminated delays, mistakes and repeat site visits to get projects to the finish line faster

Getting Accurate Field Data

It’s now a breeze for techs to collect and upload field data right from their mobile device

Maximizing Managers Time

Less chasing down avoidable problems, more time spent coaching and leading

Receiving Site Pictures & Media

Techs can attach unlimited pictures, videos, audio clips and on-picture markups to forms and submissions

Speeding Up Report Generation

Anyone can generate professional PDF reports at a click of a button

Feeding Data into Backend Systems

SST can connect the data in their CRM, CMMS or ERP software with the personnel in the field

With help from Scoop, SunSystem achieved record-breaking savings!


Reduction in Repeat Site Visits

Getting it right the first time means less time and money spent on the road


Labor Reduction on Reports

Team members now spend less time constructing client reports


Faster Project Turnaround

Automating the simpler tasks means more time spent on areas that need real attention


Time Saved on Admin Work

Now high-value employees are able to work on vital tasks instead of manual admin tasks

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