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They can see the survey documents and photos that they need to see in order to complete that part of service.
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Erin McGaun

Erin McGaunn

Director of Operations, Lumina Solar

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About Lumina Solar

Erin McGaun

Erin McGaunn

Director of Operations, Lumina Solar

Erin manages the rapidly growing team of residential solar designers, permitting and installation personnel at Lumina Solar. She is a consumate professional and has been an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the digital transformation effort at Lumina. Our team thanks you for all your diligent planning and hard work!

Lumina Solar

Company Characteristics

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Team size: Large
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Offices: 4

Key challenges we have solved together so far

Reduce Manual Data Entry
Eliminated the need for admins to transfer data between tools.
Subcontractor Management
Configured access controls & views for third parties.
Reduce Number of Tools Used
Combined multiple tools into one source.
Enforce Field Compliance
Implemented mandatory fields and checklists for crews.

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