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Solar Operations & Maintenance (O&M) is a critical component of any solar or renewable business. We work with hundreds of solar installers to help streamline and manage their service operations. Explore valuable resources below. 

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Resources for Solar O&M Teams

Video: Digitizing O&M Processes

Building essential workflows for solar O&M teams

Resource: O&M Project Management

How Scoop supports solar service operations and management

Video: Subcontractor Management

Lumina Solar on using Scoop to manage growing teams

How to Solve the Top Solar O&M Challenges

Disjointed Service Tickets

It can be difficult and inefficient to manage service tickets across multiple tools. Use Scoop to consolidate your service tickets and standardize the ticket review and qualification process.

Unavailable Service History

Maintenance crews often lack context from installation and service histories because data is missing or hard to find. Use Scoop to auto-populate relevant details for your technicians.

Disconnected Calendars

Generic calendar and scheduling systems can be hard to manage and are disconnect from your work orders. Scoop's integrated calendar feature is tied directly to service tickets.

Missed Steps & Processes

In the event that service technicians miss crucial steps, this results in longer service times, additional truck rolls, site visits, and costs. Scoop's adaptive rules present specific troubleshooting steps, videos, and documents.

Tedious Report Generation

Service report generation can be tedious and time consuming, putting client satisfaction and payments at risk. Use Scoop's PDF report builder to automate service reports and trigger invoices.

Poor Inventory Management

Most teams lack visibility on the location of required parts, their costs, and when they will be available. Use Scoop to integrate with your inventory management system to create predictability in your work orders.

Streamlining Your Solar O&M Processes

Click below to watch 5-minute product demos and learn how fast-growing solar and renewable teams are streamlining solar O&M processes.

Scoop Solar O&M Overlay - Ticket Creation
Play Video about Scoop Solar O&M Overlay - Ticket Creation

5 mins

Centralizing the Ticket Creation Process

Whether paper, emails, texts or notes from field crews, service work orders are too manual and cause confusion when they come from multiple sources. See how solar O&M teams are automating the entire process starting with ticket creation.

Scoop Solar O&M Overlay - Calendar Scheduling
Play Video about Scoop Solar O&M Overlay - Calendar Scheduling

5 mins

Integrating Calendar & Scheduling Systems

Field service teams are slowed down by traditional calendars and scheduling systems because they are disconnected from service work orders. See how simple scheduling workflows and personal calendar views have made O&M teams more efficient.

Scoop Solar O&M Overlay - Reporting
Play Video about Scoop Solar O&M Overlay - Reporting

5 mins

Automating O&M Commissioning Reports

Reporting is a process fraught with widespread data collection and manual data entry, making it time consuming and sometimes altogether forgotten. Learn how O&M teams complete customized PDF reports in a few clicks at any project phase.

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Powerful Reporting & Analytics to Track the Effectiveness of Your Solar O&M Processes

By monitoring quality, cost, performance, and production, your solar company can properly evaluate your system services and identify areas of improvement. Answer questions such as: 

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