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Solar Service Management

Fast, reliable service ticket dispatch & reporting for solar, storage & EV charging

Let’s Solve:

Missed handoff from sales to operations
Sales not seeing projects progress
Personnel leaving site without pictures
Repeat client or project data entry
Challenges scheduling field crews
Designers missing critical data
Repeat truck rolls due to missed steps
Missing as sold docs and plan sets
Missing AHJ specific requirements
Inconsistent client progress communication
Missing pictures during job closeout
Repeat data entry into multiple systems
Challenges with missed invoices
Time consuming client reporting
Too many silo'd software tools
Inability to see reliable project progress
Challenges working with outside partners
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powering 15,000+ project sites worldwide
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Cosmic Solar

“Scoop designed everything to handle my service applications. When we go on site, we take photos and the crew can upload it straight to Scoop.”

By Tom Bowyer
Service Manager


1. Standardized service & preventative maintenance tickets

Configure standardized ticket templates with specific steps & checklists for each service type

Use Scoop’s drag-and-drop Work App™ builder to create standardized service apps with checklists and troubleshooting steps for specific service types and equipment types.

Manual data entry is time consuming and error prone.  Use the power of Scoop’s comprehensive GLOO™ integration service to auto-populate service request data, documents and other attributes from your CRM or Helpdesk software.  Pipe it all effortlessly and accurately to your service techs’ mobile app.

Take advantage of flexible workflow configuration and Auto Actions™ to ensure  service team members are alerted and each ticket goes through necessary steps and review stages to ensure completeness and quality.

Growing your service team in multiple jurisdictions? Take advantage of Scoop’s unlimited user seats and flexible access control to quickly dispatch and track progress of service tickets with outside partners & subcontractors.


2. Simplify ticket creation & dispatch with team-wide calendar

Reduce the workload for service dispatch personnel as well as field techs by consolidating all tickets in one place

Managing multiple service teams with multiple calendars is cumbersome and error prone.  With Scoop’s flexible access control rules there is only one calendar to manage with each service tech only seeing their tickets.

Service techs and mangers can see and dispatch tickets via the desktop web app calendar as well as the fully synchronized native mobile calendar. The mobile calendar works even offline so techs can continue to work remotely at job sites.

Smart calendar features detect conflicts where the same service tech(s) are being scheduled for overlapping visits and provide tips to resolve conflicts.

Take advantage of service program templates to layout the schedule of services and project management tasks over multiple years. Automatically create and alert the team when the next service task is due. Track progress of each service contract on central dashboard.

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Lumina Solar

“Scoop has greatly improved the speed and efficiency at which updates and information are communicated between team members.”

By Erin McGaunn
Director of Operations
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Lumina Solar

“The crews like Scoop because it gave them a structure to all the information they have to capture for a job and not have to remember everything step by step.”

By Noah Jacobs
Director of Energy Services and Maintenance


3. Reduce repeat service visits with standardized checklists

Make it simple and practical for field techs to follow your standard steps & best practices.

Past service, info and documents from installation or commissioning can be critical for efficient service visits. Use Scoop’s unique Global Fields™ data architecture to easily populate relevant data right inside each service ticket.

Each troubleshooting or project manager visit consists of critical best practice steps. Ensure these are followed every time regardless of the particular service tech’s level of experience.

Completing a service visit often requires capturing before and after / proof-of-repair data, measurements and pictures. Configure these as required fields that must be fulfilled before leaving the site.

Customize service ticket workflows to provide service managers with an opportunity to perform a pre-departure remote review of the service work. Reduce the need for extra visits and truck rolls.

When service techs are at remote sites or constrained building areas, Scoop’s native mobile app works offline and continues to function without interruption or data loss.


4. Simplify reporting & progress updates to service customers

Effortlessly keep clients in the loop. Increase satisfaction and speed up invoicing and payments.

Past service, info and documents from installation or commissioning can be critical to efficient service visits. Use Scoop’s unique Global Fields™ data architecture to easily populate relevant data right inside each service ticket.

Allow customers to see their service tickets, add comments and generate reports.

As service tickets progress, send automated branded emails to customers to inform them when service is scheduled, when they should expect the tech and when service is completed. Auto-generate and attach a PDF service completion report.

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Solar Smart Living

“Scoop was the only thing that had the capability of doing what it does. We could use other tools and update customers but it's not the same.”

By Alan Morgan
Director of Residential and Commercial Installations and Market Development
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Eco Solar 2

“Scoop links with other apps we heavily use as well such as DocuSign and Google calendar. It made it easier to get status updates to all our staff (sales, installers, office) at our desks and on a mobile device.”

By Mealani Parish
VP Administration


5. Automate data integration with your CRM, Helpdesk & Accounting

Achieve a fully connected end to end solution leveraging all your best tools  to create, dispatch, execute, report and invoice service tickets.

When a new support case or request is qualified for dispatch, use a GLOO™ integration to create the proper Scoop service ticket and dispatch to the appropriate tech.

Dedicated labor sections in service apps enable techs to log labor hours (can also integrate with your favorite time tracking app).  Tally up and record total labor hours for each ticket and log into your accounting software via a customizable GLOO™ integration.

As service tickets pass their final review and reach the completion stage, use the GLOO™ integration to automatically trigger an invoice to your customer.

Your team deserves the best operations platform. Get started today.

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15,000+ projects executed on Scoop

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How Scoop enables your technology stack

Scoop’s unique integration engine & hosted service – GLOO – gives you the freedom to choose the best tools & connect them together
Get best-in-class functionality

With Scoop® as your central operations hub and 500+ GLOO™ integrations, you have the freedom to choose the most powerful tools to run your business.

Future proof your technology stack

As you grow and your needs change, you have the flexibility to swap out individual tools to match your growth needs. Don't become captive to the mythical all-in-one platform.

Designed for renewable operations

Our dedication to the solar and renewable industry and our customer-focused development gives you a powerful set of features aimed at solving your specific challenges.

Achieve true end to end automation

Scoop's fully managed and hosted GLOO™ integration service is deeply customizable and capable of automating workflows and data mappings across 500+ tools.


Seamlessly Connect All Your Tools

Scoop integrates with 500+ leading design, proposal, CRM, ERP, and accounting systems. Enjoy turnkey integrations powered by our  GLOO™ platform tailored to your needs.  This saves you development costs and achieves fully end-to-end automated workflows.

Why choose Scoop?

With Scoop your are not just saving time and money. You’re also gaining a partner and a platform for creativity and growth.


Client project sites represented on platform


Clients sharing projects with partners


Tasks, comments and checklist items completed


Average return on investment for solar customers

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“We're using Scoop to manage projects that have been sold from start to finish. We use Scoop to manage roofing, solar batteries, smart homes and gutters. You can customize Scoop and create different workflows any way you want."

JASON WISWELL | COO, Simmitri Inc.

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