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Description: Commercial Solar Preventative Maintenance

This app facilitates performing a general commercial solar site preventative maintenance inspection. With a focus on usability for your team’s field technicians,  the app ensures a complete checklist of steps is followed and all required data is collected and shared across your project team.

Based on industry-leading best practices, with this app your team can easily collect a complete set of time-stamped data and geo-validated pictures & videos from the site to record values and validate that the preventative maintenance checklist items have been completed with the high quality standards. The app includes inspection & maintenance steps for panels, racking, combiner boxes, conduits, disconnects, inverters, and more.

Avoid the unnecessary costs of repeat truck rolls to correct issues that aren’t noticed until after your team has already left the site. Site information and observations are shared in real time so you can see the data populated as it is collected, and resolve any issues while the crew is still there. Reporting is a breeze, as the completed solar data acquisition system maintenance checklist and associated photos are automatically and seamlessly incorporated into great-looking one-click PDF reports.

Key Activities & Sections Covered

This app helps you collect the following data and perform associated checklist items:

  • General Site / Client Information
  • Job Hazard Analysis – JHA
  • Site Cleanliness, Vegetation and General
  • Roofing Checklist
  • Racking / Mounting
  • Signage & Access
  • Conduits Checklist
  • Array Checklist
  • Inverter Checklist
  • Combiner Boxes Checklist
  • Inverter Checklist
  • Disconnects Checklist
  • Weather Station Checklist


  • App is available for iOS and Android

  • App works with or without Internet connection

  • Uploads data automatically to web portal

  • Take pictures, videos, barcodes, signatures, date & time and more

  • Record GPS location of pictures and sites and view on integrated map

  • View and sort site surveys by lead, project and more

  • Export data to customized PDF or Excel reports and send via email

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Take the Next Step in Exploring Scoop’s Capabilities