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Commercial Solar Site Survey App

Commercial Solar Site Survey App

This commercial site survey app enables solar field personnel to gather a complete set of site survey data during site visits, including roofing details, main service panel details, and site pictures.
Collect all site information required for design and engineering
Multiple checklists items available (ex. subpanel, PV array, inverter, and roof information.
Share information between office and field teams in real-time
Perform task and data reviews while crews are on-site
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Solar App FAQs

A commercial solar site survey is a systematic evaluation conducted at a potential business location to assess the feasibility of installing a solar energy system. This process involves a multidimensional analysis of the site, including considerations such as the amount of sunlight the location receives, potential shading from nearby structures or vegetation, and the structural integrity of existing roofs or other potential mounting surfaces. Additionally, the survey examines the electrical infrastructure to determine its compatibility with a solar power system, ensuring that the integration will be seamless and efficient.

Conducting commercial solar site surveys involves a systematic, multistep process. It’s essential that, at every step of the process, the surveyor captures as many pictures and videos as possible. This ensures that design and engineering teams who are not on-site during the survey get as much context as possible. So, without further ado, here are the key stages: 

  1. Collect essential client information
  2. Evaluate the condition of the available roof or ground space designated for installation
  3. Take precise measurements to inform the design phase
  4. Conduct a shading analysis to understand potential obstructions
  5. Examine the attic and structural components if the installation is on the roof. 
  6. Inspect service panel(s) and electrical systems. 
  7. Document and store all gathered information along with site photos.

Utilizing a commercial solar site survey checklist is crucial for standardization, quality control, and facilitating the workflow for surveyors. The checklist ensures a consistent approach across surveys, promoting uniformity and enhancing the accuracy and completeness of survey data, contributing to higher-quality assessments. 

Moreover, it streamlines the survey process, making it more efficient for surveyors to follow a structured framework and reducing the likelihood of oversights or errors. In essence, a well-designed checklist is an indispensable tool that not only maintains standards and quality but also eliminates ambiguity for field technicians.

Luckily, we’ve created a comprehensive template specifically for commercial installers. Complete the form above and get your version today!

For a thorough commercial solar site survey, you need key physical tools like a solar pathfinder, light meter, and tape measure. However, robust software is the most impactful tool for your field teams and overall success. Solutions like Scoop® not only standardize and streamline the survey process but are crucial for efficiently capturing, storing, and sharing diverse data. 

Advanced software empowers solar professionals to enhance assessment accuracy and make more informed decisions during commercial solar projects’ design and installation phases. Additionally, it plays a vital role in improving customer communications by presenting survey findings in a clear and accessible manner fostering transparent and collaborative discussions within the commercial solar sector.

To discover how technology can simplify your commercial solar site surveys effortlessly, schedule a demo with one of our specialists for additional details!