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Residential Solar Project Management

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Solar project management software that helps you standardize, automate and track projects easily.

Let’s Solve:

Missed handoff from sales to operations
Sales not seeing projects progress
Personnel leaving site without pictures
Repeat client or project data entry
Challenges scheduling field crews
Designers missing critical data
Repeat truck rolls due to missed steps
Missing as sold docs and plan sets
Missing AHJ specific requirements
Inconsistent client progress communication
Missing pictures during job closeout
Repeat data entry into multiple systems
Challenges with missed invoices
Time consuming client reporting
Too many silo'd software tools
Inability to see reliable project progress
Challenges working with outside partners
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Mobile Site Survey App Add Client & Site Information with Installer Stock Photos
Eco Solar 2

“The Scoops are easy to use and to fill out, and also made it easier to get status updates to all our staff (sales, installers, office), at our desks and on a mobile device.”

Mealani Parish
VP Administration

1. Super Efficient Sales Visits & Site Surveys

Simplify workflows for field personnel while minimizing follow-ups required for admins & project managers.

Take advantage of Scoop’s easy drag-and-drop Work App Builder™ to specify the exact sales qualification questions, checklist items and measurements that are collected are collected every time.

Unique data architecture allows you to create dynamic checklists of Global Fields™ to enforce mandatory capture of key data, pictures and documents by office and field teams.

Use smart form & checklist features to ensure the work is completed and all data is captured correctly the first time to minimize the number of required site visits & truck rolls.

Leverage the user-friendly Scoop work apps and unlimited user seats business model to extend the benefit of your best practice work processes to partner installers and contractors.


2. Increase Design & Permitting Velocity Across AHJs

Give designers and permitting teams an automated workflow framework for efficiency, speed and accuracy.

Take advantage of Scoop’s unique data architecture to auto-populate data, documents and pictures collected during sales visits and site surveys for designers and permitting staff.  Reduce the effort and delays with data handoffs.

Ensuring designers and engineers have the latest project specs and as-solds helps minimize errors and design iterations.

Take advantage of workflow automation actions to auto-task™ design and permitting team members at critical points in the process where time-sensitive or deadline driven follow-up tasks are required.

Flexible workflow stages in design and permitting apps allow you to streamline the review process complete with automated alerts and auto-populated data for engineering managers.

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SGE Solar

“Scoop’s project dashboard organizes our projects in columns. If we see a project in the installation column then we know that the design, site intake, and everything prior to that has been completed.”

Jocelyn Neves
Project Coordinator
residential service 3 V1
Lumina Solar

“When we're out an install, the crews in the field use Scoop to take pictures. That way, it's getting back to our project managers a lot sooner.”

Erin McGaunn

Director of Operations


3. Scale Up Installations While Maintaining Quality & Safety

Reduce the complexity and ensure all key steps are followed consistently regardless of the install crew.

Minimize installation mistakes by making up to date project specs, plan sets & customer information available to crews. Scoop’s unique Global Fields & Native Mobile Work Apps enable this seamlessly without any extra effort.

Easily configure JHA/JSA, Toolbox Talk and other safety checks rendered on the easy to use mobile app. Use checklists to ensure crucial QA/QC steps are followed.

Use Scoop Smart Form™ features to track labor hours, type and person. Add expenses and track usage of parts. Connect it all to your accounting, ERP or IMS using a GLOO™ integration.

Ensure required pictures are captured at each stage of the installation to avoid delays and worse, equipment removals at closeout due to missing pictures.

Use the power of standardized installation Work Apps to simplify assigning new installs to partners complete with all necessary data, QA/QC and safety steps, ready for them to execute independently.


4. Automate Job Closeout Reporting & Speed Up Invoicing

Reduce the complexity and ensure all key steps are followed consistently regardless of the install crew.

Global and project data fields ensure all the necessary JCO data and pictures are available in one place automatically when the job is complete.  No more hunting down for missing pictures.

Just one missing measurement or picture can have crews make another site visit. By ensuring all data is collected throughout the installation phases you can minimize repeat truck rolls.

Easily consolidate all closeout pictures and data to create a professionally formatted report with Scoop’s automated PDF Report Wizard.

Trigger an auto-task™ for  a member of your accounting team to invoice the customer or use Scoop’s turnkey GLOO™ integration to automatically trigger an invoice via your accounting software.

Scoop CRM for Solar Contact Info & Project Phases
Cosmic Solar

“Scoop has been monumental as far as our closeout process. From installation to closeout to service, Scoop has saved us, many many man-hours.”

Tom Bowyer
Service Manager
residential service 5 V1

“We have automation set up where we send customer email updates out of Scoop as they hit certain project milestones.”

Jason Wiswell

5. Centralize All Project Data, Progress & Communication

Provide all team members with a tailored view of project data and easy means to hand off to colleagues.

Take advantage of Scoop’s Project Template Builder™ to create a standard yet adaptive flow for your various project types. Adapt to project scope and type.

Provide each team member in your internal or external team with their own easy-to-use Work App™. Each Work App provides specific stakeholders with their own customized view of data, documents and tasks to do their part easily, independently and consistently.

Traditional project management software tools are disconnected from the actual work being done in the field or by frontline workers. Scoop’s Office-to-Frontline 360 philosophy with Work Apps™ ensures that the status seen on the project dashboards is directly linked to the status of the individual work items, regardless of where the work is being done and by whom.

Eliminate the delay and missing information that occurs when one team must hand off work to another. Fully automate the handoff including auto-populated documents, pictures and tasks for the next team in line.

Improve customer experience and incoming inquiries by sending automated updates at key points during the project phases.  Include your company branded signature.

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“We're using Scoop to manage projects that have been sold from start to finish. We use Scoop to manage roofing, solar batteries, smart homes and gutters. You can customize Scoop and create different workflows any way you want."

JASON WISWELL | COO, Simmitri Inc.

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