Project Description

Description of this Solar Sales Software App

Solar sales software ensures you can complete proposals quickly and turn them around fast, which is critical so you can win more business. This app enables a solar sales representative visiting a prospect to gather key information from the site that will be used to assemble a proposal. Never miss a detail your team needs, while sharing site information and observations with your design engineers in real time as you’re talking through them with your prospective customer.

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Key Activities & Sections Covered

This solar sales software app helps you collect the following data and perform associated checklist items:

  • Customer Contact Information

  • Client Qualifications

  • Scheduling & Logistics

  • Site Pictures

  • Roof Details

  • Main Service Panel Details


  • App is available for iOS and Android

  • App works with or without Internet connection

  • Uploads data automatically to web portal

  • Take pictures, videos, barcodes, signatures, date & time and more

  • Record GPS location of pictures and sites and view on integrated map

  • View and sort sales visits by lead, project and more

  • Export data to customized PDF or Excel reports and send via email

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