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Description of the Incident Report Template

This app enables solar personnel to quickly use their mobile device to gather all the information needed to complete a standard OSHA Form 301 incident report template (Injury & Illness Incident Report). Data can be easily and instantly exported to PDF reports or synched with other team members.

Mobilizing incident reporting allows your team to collect key information in field where the incident occurred, including rich geo-validated photos and videos. This makes it easier to collect comprehensive incident reporting data that is critical to the analysis that will help prevent future occurrences.

This app integrates with your backend IT systems to ensure that there’s no need to manually re-enter form data into a digital database. This provides you with one-stop access to standardized data for reporting purposes. Managers will receive incident reports instantly as soon as the field crew enter the data. This helps quickly disseminate the important details to any relevant parties to increase transparency and aid the coordination of a faster response.

While this app is built using the Scoop Solar platform, it is appropriate for use in any industry.

Key Activities & Sections Covered

This app helps you collect the following data:

  • Information & Notes

  • Information About the Employee

  • Information About the Physician or Other Health Care Professional

  • Information About the Case


  • App is available for iOS and Android

  • App works with or without Internet connection

  • Uploads data automatically to web portal

  • Take pictures, videos, barcodes, signatures, date & time and more

  • Record GPS location of pictures and sites and view on integrated map

  • View and sort incident reports by lead, project and more

  • Export data to customized PDF or Excel reports and send via email