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Battery Storage Installation Project Management

Scale Up Your Battery Storage Installation Projects Efficiently

Leverage our proven tech platform to manage installation teams across highly distributed jurisdictions and sites.


Powering 25,000 project sites worldwide

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Scoop CRM for Solar Project Phases Dashboard

“We use Scoop to manage roofing, solar batteries, smart homes, and gutters. You can create different workflows any way you want.”

By Jason Wiswell


1. Standardize your battery storage installation project flows

Make it easy for project managers to follow best practices while having the flexibility to adjust to the specifics of each project.

Take advantage of the super intuitive Project Template Builder™ to define project phases & gates. Connect each phase to underlying Work Apps™ to facilitate field & frontline execution.

Not all projects have the same scope or requirements. Use Conditional Logic™ to adapt the project template to the needs of each project.

Scoop’s advanced Project Performance Analytics™ (PPX) module continuously monitors each individual project’s performance, compared to the thresholds you set and will flag projects needing attention.

MAKE IT easy to get quality work done

2. Give each team member an easy app to get their part done efficiently

Our unique approach with atomizing projects into a series of easy to use Work Apps™ makes it easy for field & frontline teams to get work done efficiently & with quality. 

Within the Scoop platform, each team member executes their work out of their own Work App™. This means they have all the necessary data and instructions without any of the noise found in legacy software tools.

As your team grows, scaling quality & safety becomes a challenge. Scoop Work Apps™ help ensure all team members follow best practices regardless of level of experience.

Scoop’s unique data architecture and Global Fields™ help ensure you can triangulate the right data, documents, media to the right people at exactly the correct workflow stage.

Use Scoop’s Work Apps and Auto Actions™ to smooth out  the handoff of your battery storage installation work from one team to another. Eliminate the need for manual handoff, emails and document attachments.

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Lumina Solar

“It's been super easy to use Scoop -really really user friendly. I can go in and change an app or download something within 30 seconds.”

By Erin McGaunn
Director of Operations
Scoop Solar Project Management Automated Actions Dashboard
Eco Solar 2

“Scoop helps us track the status of projects and individual tasks. It greatly improved the efficiency of communication between team members.”

By Mealani Parish
VP Administration


3. Automate routine tasks to free up time for value-add activities

Automate the hundreds of time consuming data entry, communication and reminder tasks throughout your battery storage projects.

Use Auto Emails™ to send automated emails complete with your customizable signature and branding.

When the project reaches a certain phase or workflow stage, automatically assign a task to one or more individuals by role, assign deadlines and include reference data inside the body of the task.

Automatically generate a PDF report of a phase of a projects and send via email to a partner or customer.

Leverage Project Performance Analytics™ PPX to automatically flag projects that are falling behind and in need of attention.


4. A project dashboard that’s truly in sync with the actual work in progress

Accurate project progress is key to scaling your battery storage installation business. Eliminate the traditional hassles by tapping into Scoop’s uniquely designed project dashboards.

Unlike generic project management software tools that rely on you to feed in data from multiple sources, Scoop’s Project Tracker Live™ (PTL) is directly linked to the underlying phases and work activities of your projects which means it is always up-to-date, automatically & effortlessly.

High level progress will often prompt you to dig deeper.  Scoop’s unique multi-layer data architecture makes it easy to zoom in as it is to zoom out to your desired level of detail.

Each project type requires a potentially different set of data to be highlighted on a day-to-day basis.  Customize project cards to ensure these take center stage while the less important items are tucked a click away.

Take advantage of Project Performance Analytics™ (PPX) to monitor the performance of each project. Projects that are lagging behind are flagged automatically for attention.

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SGE Solar

“Scoop has allowed us to create a one stop shop that people can go to and click on the project, open the project card, and see where that project stands.”

By Jocelyn Neves
Project Coordinator
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"For us, Scoop is an innovation platform. It allows us to easily create custom apps to streamline many parts of our operations."

By Tyler Miller
Senior Manager Operations


5. Integrate with your CRM, ERP, finance and business tools

Automate the hundreds of time consuming data entry, communication and reminder tasks throughout your battery storage projects.

Connect your apps and tools under one platform to automate project tracking and completion via GLOO integrations.

Connect workflow and dataflow across all your essential software solutions using Scoop’s unique GLOO™ service.

Eliminate the need for manual handoffs. Automatically update project statuses between all of your tools and keep everyone in the loop.

Choose from our vast library of 500+ connectors to integrate your CRM, ERP, accounting, design, proposal and e-signature software tools and more.

Transform your renewable operations with our industrial strength platform


Powering 25,000 project sites worldwide

Your team deserves the best operations platform. Get started today.

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25,000+ projects executed on Scoop

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Simmitri Crews
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“We're using Scoop to manage projects that have been sold from start to finish. We use Scoop to manage roofing, solar batteries, smart homes and gutters. You can customize Scoop and create different workflows any way you want."

JASON WISWELL | COO, Simmitri Inc.

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