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Commercial Solar Project Management

Bring down the noise level on commercial solar projects & get everyone on the same page

Commercial solar projects are complex. Let's put in the framework to help your team keep track of it all easily.

Let’s Solve:

Missed handoff from sales to operations
Sales not seeing projects progress
Personnel leaving site without pictures
Repeat client or project data entry
Challenges scheduling field crews
Designers missing critical data
Repeat truck rolls due to missed steps
Missing as sold docs and plan sets
Missing AHJ specific requirements
Inconsistent client progress communication
Missing pictures during job closeout
Repeat data entry into multiple systems
Challenges with missed invoices
Time consuming client reporting
Too many silo'd software tools
Inability to see reliable project progress
Challenges working with outside partners
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Lumina Solar

“We deal with a lot of outside vendors and customers for services of different varieties. We use Scoop to separate them whether they're residential, commercial, or in-house. Scoop allows us to keep perfect records of every single visit and fix.”

By Noah Jacobs
Director of Energy Services and Maintenance

1. Automate Project Kickoffs & Document Intake

Reduce repeat data entry and the delays downstream due to missing info or documents.

Leverage Scoop’s GLOO™ integration connections to ‘listen’ for signed contracts in your CRM and automatically kick off a new project. Automatically copy over any relevant customer and site data.

Use the easy-to-use Scoop Work App Builder™ to configure checklists of documents and data to be uploaded by each project stakeholder as part of the project intake process.

Automatically assign tasks to project managers as well as other roles (designer, permitting coordinator, install crew lead, and etc.) and have them alerted via notifications.

Take advantage of Scoop’s unlimited user seats and flexible access control features to easily assign, hand off and track progress of work with outside design, installation or service partners.


2. Speed Up the Design Review and Approval Process

Use automated workflows and dataflows to hand off work to designers and permitting staff then help maintain speed.

Designers can be delayed if they cannot immediately access as-sold project specs and documents. Address this challenge with Scoop’s GLOO™ integration to your CRM and global fields to auto-populate this data in their friendly app.

Take advantage of Scoop’s easy to use Work App Builder™ to configure desktop and mobile native checklists for every member of the team. Ensure best practices are followed every time.

Scoop’s Work Apps™ are a lot more than forms and checklists. Use workflow configuration to standardize the design and permitting stages complete with with automated tasks and alerts as deadlines are approached.

Ensure senior staff are alerted when new designs are ready for review and have an efficient way to provide feedback and corrective actions as tasks with deadlines.

Group 21011
SGE Solar

“Scoop’s project dashboard organizes our projects in columns. If we see a project in the installation column then we know that the design, site intake, and everything prior to that has been completed.”

By Jocelyn Neves
Project Coordinator
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“Scoop has helped us tremendously with organizing our work, not to mention being a major asset for my team in the field."

By Jamal Aboueljoud
Director of Post-Construction Services

3. Enjoy Real-Time, Portfolio Wide Project Dashboards

Eliminate the need for time-consuming investigations to determine status of projects.

When project information is scattered across spreadsheets, CRM etc. it’s difficult to piece together the real status. Scoop centralizes all information including phases, work items and their individual workflow stages in one platform allowing you to see reliable project status across your portfolio.

Make it easy for internal teams and contractors to know their tasks with personalized filtered lists of work items, schedule, and data. Use personalized views and lists that can be configured by roles.

For each type of project a different set of data may be needed to be brought forward and highlighted. Use Scoop’s Project Tracker Live to bring key data to the surface.

As your portfolio of projects expands keeping on top of every project becomes difficult. Our Project Performance Analytics™ PPX feature uses intelligent algorithms to continuously keep a virtual eye on projects performance and escalate them when your team’s attention is required.


4. Safeguard Against Missing or Outdated Docs & Drawings

Make it easy for team members to upload or access key documents specific to each phase of the project.

Manual duplicate data entry is not only time-consuming but prone to errors that negatively impact project progress downstream. Centralizing data and being able to find information is easy with Global Fields™

Send the required documents and media to each member of the team by using Global Fields™  referenced in their easy to use Work Apps™

73% of work handoff time is spent on finding and sending links to relevant documents.  Eliminate this huge drag on your team by fully automating document flow using Scoop’s unique data architecture.

Group 21012
Lumina Solar

“The subcontractors absolutely love [Scoop] because they're getting their information faster. They can see survey documents and photos that they need to complete that part of service.”

By Erin McGaunn
Director of Operations
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Eco Solar 2

“Scoop has helped us to track the status of our projects as well as the status of individual tasks, and greatly improved the speed and efficiency at which updates and information are communicated between team members.”

By Mealani Parish
VP Administration

5. Simplify Field and Frontline Work Execution and Reporting

Enabling field and frontline workers with all required data and steps to execute their work cannot be an afterthought.

Empower each member of the project team from design to installation to service with their own user friendly Work App™.  Guarantee that they have all the information and steps in exactly the correct sequence to do the work and submit it back to you.

Embed quality assurance checks and safety hazard analysis and mitigation steps into any of the phases of your project.

Take advantage of integrated Scoop’s Smart Form™ sections to record labor hours, expenses and parts used.  Integrate and report it all to your financial, ERP or IMS software using a GLOO integration.

Assemble and engage your distributed virtual project team using Scoop’s unique Work Apps™. Ensure partner staff can easily access only sanctioned data and execute work according to your best practices and policies. Take advantage of Scoop’s unlimited user seats business model.

Your team deserves the best operations platform. Get started today.

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How We Connect Your Entire Tech Stack

Scoop’s unique integration engine & hosted service – GLOO – gives you the freedom to choose the best tools & connect them together
Get Best-in-Class Functionality

The combination of Scoop® & GLOO™ platforms give you the freedom to choose the most powerful tools to run your business without being captive to a single platform.

Future Proof Your Tech Stack

As you grow and your needs change, you have the freedom to swap out individual tools to match your growth curve.

Achieve End to End Automation

With our deeply customizable integration service you can automate workflows & data mappings across 500+ tools: across your CRM, design/proposal, ERP, Finance and more.

Managed & Monitored Peace of Mind

Off-the-shelf integrations are limited and require constant attention from you, whereas GLOO™ provides high performance integrations plus peace of mind with a fully managed service.


Seamlessly Connect All Your Tools

Scoop integrates with 500+ leading design, proposal, CRM, ERP, and accounting systems. Enjoy turnkey integrations powered by our  GLOO™ platform tailored to your needs.  This saves you development costs and achieves fully end-to-end automated workflows.

Why choose Scoop?

With Scoop your are not just saving time and money. You’re also gaining a partner and a platform for creativity and growth.


Client project sites represented on platform


Clients sharing projects with partners


Tasks, comments and checklist items completed


Average return on investment for solar customers

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“We're using Scoop to manage projects that have been sold from start to finish. We use Scoop to manage roofing, solar batteries, smart homes and gutters. You can customize Scoop and create different workflows any way you want."

JASON WISWELL | COO, Simmitri Inc.

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