Why Mobile Process Management & Automation (mPMA) is the Next Big Solution for Solar

Technology has deeply impacted some industries while barely scratching the surface of others. When it comes to data generated for solar project management, sales and O&M, much of it is still being tracked using outdated methods like spreadsheets and pen and paper. Such processes are not only inefficient, but also cost businesses time, money, and employee satisfaction. This is where the mPMA concept comes in.

The Scoop Concept

At Scoop Solar, our mission is to enable solar companies to grow with demand through building scalable processes. To do so, we have built a solar business and operations management platform that utilizes Mobile Process Management & Automation — a concept originally used in the world of safety management.

Mobile Process Management & Automation (mPMA) defines a new type of enterprise software that allows for remote data collection and real-time collaboration. We strongly believe that mobile awareness and mobile engagement will allow solar companies to streamline business processes, save money and boost employee morale.

Why Solar Needs Process Management & Automation

How does your company collect and store data right now? Where do you go to find the information to make a decision or create a sales proposal? Chances are that it is scattered across spreadsheets, numerous emails, physical notepads, multiple file folders and your CRM. As a sales or operations manager, this can cause major headaches.

mPMA enables your solar business to:

  1. Collect complete and standardized data directly from the field through multimedia mobile forms
  2. Access the data you need instantaneously through a cloud platform
  3. Conduct analyses using automated and customizable dashboards/reports

A comprehensive mobile workflow tool will prevent incomplete data entry and decrease data discrepancies across employees. However, having quality data is only part of it; it is equally as important (if not more) that you are able to transform data into insights to tackle challenges in your solar operations.

Your employees will benefit from mPMA through reduced administrative work thanks to a standardized survey tool. For example, they will remember to collect all required details in one visit and not have to re-enter data when they return to the office. Additionally, customers will no longer have to wait a week to receive their customized reports or deal with multiple unnecessary site visits. It’s a win-win for all parties!

Why Solar Needs Engagement

One of our core principles is intuitive collaboration and we aim to bring communication back to real-time conversations. Emails and phone calls have eliminated the need for face-to-face interactions, but they have also thrown us into a position where we often spend more time communicating than performing. This is where real-time mobile engagement comes in.

Through mPMA, your solar team will be able to:

  1. Solve problems together through a mobile discussions interface
  2. Complete tasks and send feedback to one another in real time
  3. Demonstrate transparency in the team’s and each team member’s progress

By practicing teamwork and open communication, your solar installations and sales units will become less siloed and more rapport will grow within and across departments. Get your team to its goals faster by identifying individual and group bottlenecks more quickly.

Scoop Solar embodies the qualities of mPMA because we believe its adoption is the next step for growing solar companies. However, the most time-consuming part of onboarding new tools is setting them up to reflect your business’s unique processes. Our team takes a hands-on approach with clients; the combination of our expertise in the platform with your savviness in your company’s procedures will make the process smoother.

Still curious as to how an mPMA solution like Scoop Solar could save your company time and money? Check our website here.

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