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September 24, 2018
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September 24, 2018
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How Solar Energy Can Benefit Developing Nations

Solar energy has been struggling to break through to become a consistent and cheap energy source in first world countries, but why have no companies looked towards the developing world to showcase how solar can be the solution that the world is wanting? Well, your guess is as good as yours, but we have put together some compelling reasons how the developing world can genuinely benefit from solar energy, and hopefully inspire the next generation of solar companies to take up the reigns to bring developing nations solar energy solutions!

The Sun is a Powerful Resource

Developing nations are often located in two distinct ecological zones, the first being hot and humid, and the second being warm and dry. These locations have one thing in common, and that is a consistent supply of potential solar energy. Countries that are along the equator, the subcontinent of Asia and Africa have the benefit of practically endless possibilities for solar power. The only thing missing is the infrastructure, and that is where a solar project can come in.

Microgrids are the Key

Within the developing world, an energy project is only as strong as the infrastructure around it that will allow it to be delivered. This is a problem in many developing countries, as they lack the foundation and the money to maintain more extensive networks of power infrastructure. Therefore microgrids offer a beneficial option for those who are developing solar projects. Microgrids allow for a small city or village to be covered by a single solar project and provides the infrastructure and storage of power for days. Some tests have been completed in North America and Europe on microgrids, and the results have been positive. A proper set up for a developer will allow for a small city in a rural developing country to have consistent and easy access to power, which is something many of these developing countries have never had.

"Microgrids allow for a small city or village to be covered by a single solar project and provides the infrastructure and storage of power for days."


Clean Energy for a Developing Nation

In case you have not heard, the world is currently at the beginning of being affected by climate change. Developed countries make up most of the carbon emissions, and as developing countries try to boost demand, clean energy might be a way to ensure that climate change can be slowed down. There is no reason that developing nations need to go through the various stages of electricity generation, and instead, they can jump right to green energy and solar. Imagine if China had gone solar during their manufacturing revolution? Now is the time for private entitles to start moving into developing markets such as India, Southeast Asia and Central America to ensure these developing nations have the access and ability to set up renewable options.
The next energy revolution might be a solar one if private solar companies get their act together. The Sun is a powerful tool, and with microgrids and smart market infiltration, the right set of solar companies could be ahead of the next sun rush in the developing world.

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