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Top 5 MUST-HAVE Tools for your Solar Field Crew

When it comes to the solar industry, should we be surprised that the technology around cells and the transmission of power are constantly changing? Well naturally no! Well luckily for solar owners, the tech might be changing, but the tools for the job have remained consistent. In this article, we are going to look at the top five must-have tools that your solar field crew needs to have in the field!

1. Solar Panel Hanger

One of the newest introductions to the solar industry, the solar panel hanger is an ingenious invention that allows for the seamless and straightforward solution to hold and position panels while on a rail. The hanger sits on the track and allows for a solar panel to safely, and efficiently be placed square to the rail to allow for a seamless installation. Plus, with this hanger, solar installers will be able to remove the need to maneuver a 50-pound cell, while eliminating the risk of the panel falling off a steep roof.

2. Battery Operated Drill

A battery operated drill might seem simple, but you might be surprised at how many solar companies are still using corded drills while on the site. A powerful and efficient battery operated a drill is a must-have tool for any solar worker. From installing railings to securing transmission lines, a drill will be your workers best friend while on the site.

3. PV Tester

The solar industry has long needed quality testers, and with some great options on the market, you can certainly find the perfect PV tester. If you can situate your solar field crews with a tester that can accurately check the power quality that is being emitted by the cells. Some of the fancier options on the market allow for in-field reports, and remote measurements to give your team the most up to date information while on site.

4. Cable and Connector Tools

Naturally, the solar industry needs to have electrician tools, and one of the must-have tools are good old crimping pliers. These classic pliers will allow a worker to re-work and install electrical lines without the worry of electrocution. Plus if you are looking to buy a combination of pliers, some great solar specific sets will set your team up for success for the long-term.

5. Fall Protection

If your solar field team is working on roofs or at any height, fall protection gear is a must-have. Fall protection gear includes harnesses, ropes and of course helmets to ensure that everyone at your site has their safety in mind. For many start-ups, the emphasis on fall prevention is not drilled into their young field teams, which can result in tragedy. It does not matter how experienced you are, we all make mistakes, and when that mistake is on a roof, it can cost you your life if you are not equipped with fall protection.
The solar industry must-have tools are a no-brainer for most solar owners, but for those who are new to the industry, make sure that your team is appropriately outfitted. This includes a hanger, a battery-operated drill, a PV tester, cable and connector tools and of course fall protection. What is your must-have on your job site? Comment below and start a conversation!

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