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Is Your Operational System Ready?

The next wave in renewable opportunities is here! Does your business have the right operational systems to take advantage of it?

Why it matters

You want to grow and build a highly valuable business but without having to go on a hiring spree in a competitive labor market, losing control and exposing your business to undue risks. We are here to help you unlock the path to efficient and scalable growth.

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This webinar focuses on the top issues, bottlenecks, and time wasters that renewable teams encounter in the field installation execution process. We introduce a unique category of technology called mPMA to address these challenges.
Erin McGaun
When we’re out an install, the crews in the field use Scoop to take pictures. That way, it’s getting back to our project managers a lot sooner.

Erin McGaunn

Director of Operations, Lumina Solar

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Top of Mind Challenges for Solar Operation Leaders

Inefficient Work Handoffs

Multiple tools in the field & office. Repeat data entry. Manual work & data handoffs across teams.

Scheduling Challenges

Lack of a centralized calendar with all jobs and crews assigned. Difficulty managing access to multiple calendars.

Lack of Compliance

Best practices not being followed. Each person doing things differently and risking re-work, repeat site visits and more.

Duplicate Data Entry

Team required to re-enter routine customer or project information across multiple IT tools for each project or work order.

Spreadsheet Hellscape

Required to stitch together data from multiple spreadsheets, reports and updates. Data often out of date and incomplete.

Inefficient Partner Operations

Partners & subs (sales, install, design, permit, finance, service) not following standards creating risk to your brand.

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