Inside Sunlight Solar: Growing from 20 to 120 Installations per Month

One of Florida’s top installers unveils their operational strategies that led to remarkable sales growth, while creating a resilient framework for project fulfillment.  

The Speakers

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Sunlight SOLAR
Company Spotlight

A family owned solar company with complete environmental and renewable solutions, servicing Florida since 2003.

Join the webinar to see Sunlight Solar’s operations hub.

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Dan Denzin
VP of Sales at Sunrise Solar

Dan is committed to operational excellence at Sunlight Solar and built a framework to enable their team to deliver on their promises. 

Dan will share how he increased project volume without compromising on high-quality project delivery.

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Tyrell Mara
VP Operations at Scoop

Tyrell has worked with hundreds of residential and commercial solar teams to implement operational transformation and achieve growth.

Are your Operations Ready for Growth?

Preparing to take on growth in solar means establishing a strong foundation for systems, tools and processes.

About The Webinar

 In just a few years, Sunlight Solar skyrocketed from completing 20 to 120 monthly installations. Look inside their operations hub and see the processes that fueled their remarkable growth. This event will empower you to set a strong foundation for your solar sales and operational growth.

Why It Matters

“Deliver what you promise”.  Sunlight Solar laid a foundation for growth as they sold more solar contracts. Their dedication to post-sales optimization ensured on-time delivery of every project, earning them a top-tier reputation and a stream of referrals from satisfied customers.

Webinar Details

Topics Covered Includes

  • Steps to set a strong foundation for sales & operational growth 
  • Improving communication with customers & within internal teams
  • Centralizing data, files, & information across multiple platforms
  • How to build workflows to track projects & accountability
  • The value of updating your tech without needing an IT team
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