Inside SkyFire Energy:

How to Standardize Solar Projects Across Multiple AHJs

SkyFire Energy joins us to share their impressive management of solar installations and retrofits across three provinces, each with unique AHJ requirements and customer preferences.

The Speakers

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SkyFire Energy
Company Spotlight

SkyFire Energy is a major Canadian solar power pioneer with over 2,000+ installations in their portfolio, operating across 3 provinces.

Join the webinar to see SkyFire’s connected operations hub.

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James Nason
Residential Project Manager

James plays a pivotal role in spearheading operations at SkyFire Energy.

Working closely with the Scoop Customer Success team James has built a powerful framework that empowers office staff and field techs to be more efficient and speedy.

Tyrell Mara Cirlce with Background white

Tyrell Mara
VP Operations at Scoop

Tyrell has worked with hundreds of residential and commercial solar teams to implement operational transformation and achieve growth.

Is Your Business Expanding into New Markets?

Managing requirements from multiple AHJs & utilities is extremely challenging at scale without implementing the right tools. 

About The Webinar

Discover how SkyFire leveraged Scoop to implement standardized checklists tailored to various contexts, enabling field teams to complete jobs accurately the first time, and eliminating the need for repeat site visits.

Why It Matters

When teams don’t have standardized processes, everyone feels the pressure from inefficiencies from sales handover to construction completion. Equipping field teams with smart tools empowers them to complete projects painlessly and plays a significant role in preventing repeat site visits.

Webinar Details

Topics Covered Will Include

  • Strategies to increase efficiency from sales handover to completion of solar projects
  • Implementing pre-installation templates to streamline procurement, drafting, scheduling, monitoring platform, permitting, and customer touch point requirements
  • Standardizing checklists for AHJ, utility requirements and customer preferences in multiple regions
  • Exclusive insights into SkyFire’s Scoop Operations Hub, featuring a live demonstration of Scoop’s vital role in streamlining operations

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