Guide & Toolkit

Troubleshooting Your Solar & Renewable Operations

We’ve created an awesome content package designed to help you take your company to the next level. What’s included:

  • An Informative infographic: 360° map of ops challenges
  • An Actionable improvement checklist: prioritize & tackle challenges
  • Beautifully designed posters: for the team meeting area
  • A Simple instruction handbook: steps to get the most out of the toolkit
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The Infographic

The infographic is your high-level map.  It highlights the key challenges in each area of renewable operations, demonstrating how technology can help solve these, from sales to services. Review the key issues & solutions in each area and mark high-priority items for team-wide visibility. Identifying areas in need of improvement is the first step on your journey toward operational excellence.

The Checklist

Once you’ve gone through the infographic and are ready to get into the nitty-gritty, that’s where our detailed troubleshooting checklist comes in. With this tool, you’ll be able to dive into the specific actions you’ll need to take to overcome certain issues, set priorities and deadlines, and get insights into how you can efficiently leverage technology.

The Posters

To energize your team and visually sync on upcoming priorities, we’ve crafted a unique poster package. This set includes five posters and stickers, perfect for showcasing your commitment to renewable operations excellence. Use them in your office or meeting space to highlight your journey and celebrate milestones with your team.

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What is Keeping Solar & Renewable Leaders Up at Night

Inefficient Work Handoffs

Multiple tools in the field & office. Repeat data entry. Manual work & data handoffs across teams.

Scheduling Challenges

Lack of a centralized calendar with all jobs and crews assigned. Difficulty managing access to multiple calendars.

Lack of Compliance

Best practices not being followed. Each person doing things differently and risking re-work, repeat site visits and more.

Duplicate Data Entry

Team required to re-enter routine customer or project information across multiple IT tools for each project or work order.

Spreadsheet Hellscape

Required to stitch together data from multiple spreadsheets, reports and updates. Data often out of date and incomplete.

Inefficient Partner Ops

Partners & subs (sales, install, design, permit, finance, service) not following standards creating risk to your brand.

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Practical Solutions to Everyday Challenges

Eliminate Manual Steps with a Fully Integrated Ecosystem

Your investment in essential tools such as your CRM or Accounting and Design software can go a lot further when this ecosystem is fully orchestrated and connected.

With its advanced but easy-to-setup automations, Scoop mPMA ensures smooth data flow and workflow across all your systems.

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Easy-to-Follow Processes for Office & Field Teams

Processes and data are no good when they sit in documents or in the CRM where they can’t be actioned.

Scoop’s solar project management platform is available across desktop and mobile, ensuring all members of your team can access a highly tailored view of the data for their type of work — from sales to design, to permitting, installation, closeout, and service.

Understand Project Progress Without Having to Ask

Do you find yourself having to constantly ask team members where projects are at? Having to determine project progress by asking around is a function of disconnected legacy Project Management tools.

Scoop Project Tracker Live ties directly to actual work being executed by various roles in the team from sales, to site survey to installation and closeout. The result is project dashboards that are always up-to-date.

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Solar Panel Installation Mobile Site Survey App Scoop

Extend the Platform to Partners & Subcontractors

To maximize efficiency, growth potential, and brand protection, processes and best practices should not stop at the walls of your organization.

With Scoop’s advanced roles and access controls, plus the ability to add unlimited users, you can now extend the benefits of the platform to your network of partners.

Visualize Powerful Insights from your Operational Data

Leverage the powerful LOOXY™ Analytics platform to easily analyze and visualize your data. Create dashboards, track KPIs, and schedule automated emails to stakeholders.


Learn about top-of-mind renewable operational challenges and solutions