Seamlessly Integrate Solar PV Design Software with Your Operations

Scoop provides an efficient operations hub for your residential and commercial solar projects.

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"Subcontractors can go into our projects and see specific things that we'd like them to see. Our engineers or third-party contractors can go into Scoop and access our designs. They can see survey documents and photos they need to complete that part of service."

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Scoop is the #1 operations hub for 125,000+ solar & renewable providers worldwide

Scoop is a mobile project management solution for renewable energy specialists to streamline installations and maintenance.

Connect solar design software and proposal into installation

When your best of breed tools talk to one another, your operations run smoothly. Scoop’s GLOO platform lets you seamlessly connect data and workflow from your sales, design, proposal tools to operations. Explore other valuable integrations including your CRM, service desk, inventory management, accounting, invoicing and more.

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Design Focused Integrations
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Ensure designers have all the required data & documents

Projects run a lot more smoothly when your designers have all the right PV system specs, docs and photos at their fingertips. Scoop ensures data is captured every time (e.g., photos in the field) and automatically appear in your solar design software.

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Integrate communication across sales, design & installation teams

Unanswered questions and clarifications about customers, projects, or tasks can lead to errors & delays especially with remote teams. Integrating your solar design tool with your hub of operations in Scoop centralizes communication, reducing scattered messages across texts, emails, and files.

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Accelerate domestic and commercial PV installations

With the Scoop platform streamlining your operations from sales to design to installation and service – across office and the field – your business is empowered to run a lot faster and respond to growing demand while remaining cost-effective.

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Connect design & operations workflows

Access 500+ integrated partners to automate your solar & renewable installations in one place.

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More solar design software integrations available. Talk to us.

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Your team deserves the best operations platform. Get started today.

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250,000+ project sites use Scoop

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