Find the Plan That’s Right for You

All Scoop plans come with the full feature set–and our legendary customer support.


  • For Small Teams
  • Unlimited Users, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Projects
  • Up to 4 App Templates
  • 2,000 Field Submissions / month
  • e-Ticket Support


  • For Medium Teams
  • Unlimited Users, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Projects
  • Up to 7 App Templates
  • 5,000 Field Submissions / month
  • e-Ticket Support


  • For large Teams
  • Unlimited Users, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Projects
  • Up to 15 App Templates
  • 12,000 Field Submissions / month
  • e-Tickets + 1hr phone / month


EnterpriseCustom Pricing
  • For Enterprise Teams
  • Unlimited Users, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited App Templates
  • Custom Field Submissions / month
  • e-Tickets + customized support
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All prices are in US dollars.

All plans require purchase of a one-time $399 training & setup package.

Class Leading Features Available in All Plans

Powerful Control2018-11-28T09:04:54-07:00

Use clear, easily defined rules to control how each role in your company accesses the system.

Workflow Automation2019-02-23T09:49:13-07:00

Configure the workflow stages, automated actions and notifications for each of your work processes.

Client/Project Records2018-11-28T09:04:25-07:00

Use innovative global fields to manage client and project information centrally; eliminate repeat data entry.

Rich Form Functionality2018-11-28T09:04:11-07:00

Add a variety of form or checklist items including drop-downs, multimedia and GPS location tailored to field work.

Drag-and-Drop App Builder2018-11-28T09:04:00-07:00

Make your own process template apps and publish to the team for site surveys, installation or service.

Integrated Documents2019-02-23T09:47:07-07:00

Use integrated document management to eliminate need for secondary file storage.

Story-based Approach2018-11-28T09:05:44-07:00

Capture the whole story of each work activity in one place: form data, docs, comments and tasks.

Easy Personalization2018-11-28T09:05:27-07:00

Let users to adapt Scoop to how they work with their own configurable daily views.

Works Offline2018-11-28T09:05:13-07:00

Work in remote areas without the laggy-ness or stoppages experienced by other field apps.

Anywhere Access2018-11-28T09:05:07-07:00

Give your extended team choice of access on desktop, iOS or Android apps.

Unlimited Storage2018-11-28T09:06:22-07:00

Enjoy the freedom of unlimited space for your project documents, pictures and videos.

Easy Integration2019-02-23T09:40:00-07:00

Use the Zapier® connector for simpler integrations or our rich library of connectors to link Scoop to other applications.

Multimedia Communication2019-02-23T09:43:51-07:00

Integrated text, videos, pictures, voice & markups to describe issues easily and clearly.

One-click Reports2019-02-23T09:45:37-07:00

Generate Excel (CSV) and PDF reports based on your own customized templates.

On-the-job Training2018-11-28T09:06:00-07:00

Guide personnel and prevent errors with contextual help and embedded instructional videos.

Get Started Fast with our Easy Launch Program (ELP)

We know how busy you and your team are. We know how hard it is to work on transforming your business when you are bogged down with daily demands. With the ELP our team acts as an extension of your team for the initial few months to get you up to speed quickly and effortlessly:

  • Process Consultation: our experienced solution specialists examine your field processes and identify key candidates for mobilization.

  • Expertise Transfer: we use formal platform training and hands-on exercises to smoothly transfer process mobilization knowledge to your admins and trainers.

  • Pro Account Setup: we use our deep expertise with solar business processes to help you achieve the best possible setup for your business.

  • Your App Builds: we work with you to configure your first key process apps inside the Scoop platform.

  • Business Case Report: we document all of your progress, metrics and return on investment as a case study you can use to inform leadership and expand usage.

What happens if I go over my submission limit?

Once you go over your sheet limit, you won’t be able to use Scoop to edit or change any project parameters on web or mobile versions, though you will retain access to view previously entered data. To fix this you will need to upgrade your plan to continue editing and adding further submissions.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club) for online payments.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your Scoop account, head to your account management page, and select the option to close your account. Visit our help site to see further instructions.

What counts towards my submission limit?

Your submission limit is the total number of forms completed at any given time. You are free to add and remove submissions to stay within the limit of your selected plan type.