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“SunSystem Technology is on an incredible trajectory for growth and Scoop® Solar’s flexible platform has been the perfect tool for us to grow with in our quest to reach for more.”

Derek Chase, CEO, SunSystem Technology

“Over the past few months [now nearly two years], we’ve worked closely with the Scoop team to create work apps for our site assessment, installation, interconnection and inspection, and maintenance procedures. Now, our field crews walk onto the site equipped only with easy access to the checklists, and virtual remote support.”

Logan Landrey, CEO, Sigora Solar

“Classroom training and on-the-job learning have served our crews well, but we wanted to take it one step further [with Scoop Solar]. As we continue to grow and expand into additional states, we make sure that our crew members, new and old, have instant access to site specific data and technical support.”

Nick Snow, Director of Commercial Services , SunSystem Technologies

“Using the Scoop solution and working with the Scoop team has been a very refreshing experience.  With the unique Work App Builder we are able to easily customize the software to the needs of our operations and personnel in minutes without the usual back and forth with IT.  The customer service has been very responsive and we’ve been able to work closely with the engineers to communicate our needs and suggestions.”

Yumi Schade, Chief Operating Officer, Smart Energy Today

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