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Connected Dashboards for Renewable Operations

Introducing the LOOXY™ Analytics Platform by Scoop

Stop managing your business with outdated and manually-built reports. LOOXY provides a bird's eye view of your sales, installation, and service operations and allows you to measure, compare, and forecast with real-time data.

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Access specific insights that speak to the unique challenges of your team

Sales Pipeline & Forecasting

Configure valuable dashboards to report on your sales operations including:

  • Pipeline reports by sales rep, partner & region
  • Number of deals created each period
  • Number of deals in various stages of funnel
  • Number of deals closed each period
  • Total contract value in each funnel stage
  • Trend analysis of time spent in each sales stage
  • Deals close rate by rep, partner, region & more

Installation Pipeline Reporting

Gain a better understanding of real-time installation pipeline metrics including:

  • Pipeline of installations by phase – site survey, design, permitting, field installation & closeout/PTO
  • Make, model and quantity of panels, batteries, modules & inverters for installations in various phases
  • Trend analysis of time spent in each installation phase by project manager, partner or region
  • Map visualization of installations by region and street address

Service Pipeline Optimization

Assess insights on your service & maintenance operations at a glance including:

  • Number of scheduled vs. unscheduled visits
  • Ratio of visits covered under warranty, services requiring part replacements and more
  • Average time to resolution by service type, rep, partners and region
  • The most frequently failing part makes and models
  • Trend analysis of time spent in each service stage
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Scoop takes all of the data that you collect about a job and ties it all into a nice package that we can store for later use. 

Tom Bowyer

Service Manager, Cosmic Solar

Features of LOOXY Analytics

Fully Integrated Solution

Avoid missing data and manual uploads with an integrated data sync tied directly to your Scoop data.

Default & Custom Reports

Choose between pre-built reports or enjoy the flexibility of creating your own with data that is unique to your organization.

User Friendly Interface

Quickly drag and drop metrics to create detailed insights. The intuitive layout makes it easy to monitor data and KPIs over time.

Flexible Data Filtering

Hone in on the data that is most relevant with data and category filters and choose between a variety of visualization options.

Schedule Reports

Easily share reports with your team with scheduled PDF reports, dashboard URLs, and automated email alerts.

Unlimited Users & Dashboards

Create an unlimited number of dashboards, charts, and metrics to hone in on what is most important.

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