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20-50% of A Solar Sales Rep's Day is Spent on Admin

Are you still using clunky, traditional office tools such as paper forms, email chains and spreadsheets to connect your teams and data together? They might be costing you more than you think.


How much money could you be saving by freeing up your sales reps' time? Use this customizable calculator to find out!

Eliminate the Bottlenecks. Outperform the Competition.

The Scoop solution helps sales reps gather quality accurate data without the admin load.On the flip side, this data is only useful to sales reps if they can access it on their mobile device when back in the field. Sales reps need a a truly mobile, field-friendly solution to overcome these challenges.

The Scoop Solution for Sales

Automatic Data Upload Eliminates Manual Steps

All data collected is automatically uploaded to central cloud repository. No cellular service? No problem! Scoop apps continue to work and upload your data without any additional steps when cell service resumes.

Mobile First Checklist Apps Provide Clear Instructions

Scoop allows you to easily configure mobile offline-available apps to guide sales reps through the steps to gather the correct site and client information including mandatory pictures and comments.

Onsite Communication Saves Repeat Trips

Scoop's built-in multimedia recording and multi-way messaging enables reps to show remote designers what they see and obtain realtime feedback. This minimizes the need for repeat trips and proposal risk.

Make Your CRM Data Mobile- and User-Friendly

Wishing that there was a user-friendly way for sales reps to directly input data into your CRM while on site? Scoop integrates with your CRM, acting as a usable layer that simplifies how your teams access and collect data remotely.

How Scoop Works for Sales


Customize the Sales Visit App

Convert each step of your processes into form fields on a work app. Make certain text, picture or comment fields mandatory as needed.

Push the Sales Visit App to Reps

Once published, any changes that you make will be instantly pushed out to the mobile devices of all employees, whether they are in the office or the field.

Sales Reps Enter Site Visit Data

Field crew fill out forms without forgetting any sections. If they need help, they can use picture mark-up to show someone directly what the concern is.

Site Data Instantly Accessible to Design Team

Any details entered into Scoop are automatically sync'd so you don't have to wait to get the latest updates.

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