Refer A Client to Scoop
& Earn Recurring Cash Back!

YES. You heard that right – for every referral you make that ends up signing on as a Scoop customer, you are eligible to receive a portion of their monthly Scoop base subscription fees for the first year in cash.

There is no limit to how many referrals you can make, so there is no cap on how much recurring passive income you can earn each month!

How It Works


Tell us about the person you're referring below.

We'll take care of the follow-up process and loop you in when your referral turns into a paid Scoop client.

We will contact you to arrange your payout!

Once a referral becomes a paid customer, we will contact you to arrange payment of your referral reward.

Submit My Referral


Q: What kind of people would you like me to refer?

A: We typically want to speak with senior operational or technical roles at medium to large solar companies that are looking to grow rapidly. This includes the VP/Directors of Operations, Senior Project Managers as well as the C-Suite (especially the CEO, COO, or CIO). Referrals tend to work best when the company is open to embracing technology as a means to reduce costs, engage employees and increase scalability.

Q: What happens after I submit my referral?

A: Our solutions team will reach out to your contact and CC you in the initial email(s). These emails will include your custom referral message if one is provided. After that, we'll take care of the follow-up, demo and free trial process for your contact. If your referral signs up as a paying client within 90 days of first receiving the link (the "referral period"), we will email you with an update on your referral's successful status and to request your PayPal information to arrange payout.

If you need a one-time, at-the-moment status update on a referral you've made, email us at with the name and company or email address of your referral.

Q: How are payouts calculated?

A: Subject to the terms of the Referral Reward Agreement, for a qualifying referral, you'll receive a Referral Reward equivalent to the greater of $20 per month or 10% of the monthly base subscription fee (see pricing page here) for as long as the referral remains a paying customer, up to a maximum of 12 months from the date of referral client signup.

Example: Let's assume one of your referrals signs on for the Prime plan for 30 users. Your referral reward would be calculated as 10% of US $29.99 x 30 users / month = $89.97 per month and will remain in effect for a maximum of 12 months. Your total maximum earnings for that referral would be 12 x $74.60 = US$1,079.64

Q: How and when do I receive my referral reward?

A: In order to receive your referral reward, you must provide us with a valid PayPal account. Payments will be processed and paid out to your designated PayPal account within 90 days of Scoop receiving your referral's payment for that month.