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Project Dashboard & Reports

Manage Your Operations Efficiently Without Hours of Admin Work

Put an end to the time wasted piecing together installation & service work status from multiple spreadsheets, emails & meetings.


Powering 15,000 project sites worldwide

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Eliminate hours of admin work each week having to combine data from multiple sources. Get automatic reports.


Personalized Dashboards
Use powerful filtering capabilities to create dashboards & lists of open service & install work orders, tasks and communication for every user.


Project Tracker Live™
Unique real time dashboard that shows you the status of all your installation projects in one place. Use filters to create personalized views.


PDF Report Generator™
Make it a breeze to create & send professional PDF reports of daily progress, site visits, warranty requests and job closeouts to clients, OEMs & partners.


LOOXY™ Analytics
LOOXY by Scoop makes it easy to take a deep dive into your operational data to surface insights and trends with drag-and-drop analytics and charts.

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“As the EV industry evolves, Scoop is our go-to solution to systematically define scope of work, schedule campaigns, assign resources, and track project completion.”

By Joshua Kelaher, 

Senior Product Service, Engineer


Focused lists of active work orders, tasks & comments for each member

Make it easy for team members to see what’s assigned to them and for managers to see the status of work across their team – internal staff, partners and subcontractors.

Want to see all site surveys ready for scheduling? Maybe all Design & Engineering tasks related to residential projects that are ready for review?  It’s easy to create and save filtered views to surface these and other vital lists to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Besides the specific work orders (or scoops) you may want to see all the chatter or open tasks for a given high-profile installation or service visit. For example, with activities filters you can see all open corrective actions related to a recent service visit or monitor open tasks for a complex commercial solar project.

Want all project coordinators to see permits that are ready to submit? Scoop enables you to centrally create, publish and manage default views for each role in your team to meet this and similar needs.


The project dashboard that updates itself reliably and automatically

Make it easy for everyone from sales to site survey, design, permitting and install to see reliable status of projects.

Unlike generic office based project management tools that rely on you to feed in data from multiple sources, Scoop Project Tracker Live™ (PTL) is directly linked to the underlying phases and work activities of your projects which means it is always up-to-date, automatically & effortlessly.

As a CEO you may be interested in number of projects in a given phase across the portfolio. As a Project Manager you want to see all residential projects and as a Design coordinator you may only want to see the project in Design.  The highly flexible PTL™ dashboard lets you zoom out and zoom in quickly and as needed.

Depending on the type of installation project different information is handy to see at a glance.  Scoop PTL™ unique configurable project cards let you customize what information is displayed including quick and easy access to key documents, media and links.

As your ramp up the number of installations it becomes impossible to stay on top of every project.  Scoop Project Performance Analytics™ PPX feature uses intelligent algorithms to continuously monitor projects and flag them when your team’s attention is required.

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“Scoop has helped us tremendously with organizing our work, not to mention being a major asset for my team in the field.”

By Jamal Aboeljoud

Director of Post-Construction Services

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Renova Energy
“Having Scoop with automated PDFs has definitely improved the turnaround when it comes to sending invoices to homeowners.”

By Raul Giles

Project Management Supervisor


Make it a breeze to generate & send professional progress reports in PDF

PDF generator helps you easily configure & send daily reports, service visits, site surveys, job closeouts & more.

Configure the title page, headers, footers, your logo and branding as well as all report content and layout to achieve your desired reporting needs.

Scoop mobile apps make it easy for field crews to capture pictures, notes and measurements and other data in the field.  The Scoop PDF Report Generator™ makes it easy to vend these directly into professionally laid out PDF reports – without all the work that routinely goes into formatting and which at best varies in quality from one team member to another.

Remembering to send out service completion reports, job closeouts and other similar documents can delay work in progress.  Scoop’s Auto Actions™ feature allows you to automate transmission of these report documents at exactly the correct stages in your workflow.


Visualize powerful insights and reports from your operational data

The drag and drop LOOXY Analytics™ platform by Scoop makes it easy to build powerful dashboards and charts.

As a fully integrated platform, LOOXY™ has a native integration with your Scoop data. This eliminates the limitations experienced with other analytic tools that either provide a subset of your data or require manual data uploads.

Not a coder or IT person? No problem! LOOXY’s world class user interface was designed to be highly intuitive when it comes to configuring metrics, reports and dashboards. 

Choose from a variety of data categories including projects, work orders, tasks and sites. Decide the most intuitive visualization including bar charts, pie charts and heat & geo maps. Use powerful filters to hone in on just the right data.

Want your CEO or VPs to get a specific report each week or month? Easily configure automated emailing to alert them and provide them with a PDF copy as well as a link to the dashboard.

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Cosmic Solar
“Scoop takes all of the data that you collect about a job and ties it all into a nice package that we can store for later use. “

By Tom Bowyer

Service Manager

Transform your renewable operations with our industrial strength platform


Powering 15,000 project sites worldwide

Why choose Scoop?

With Scoop your are not just saving time and money. You’re also gaining a partner and a platform for creativity and growth.


Client project sites represented on platform


Clients sharing projects with partners


Tasks, comments and checklist items completed


Average return on investment for solar customers

Simmitri Crews
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“We're using Scoop to manage projects that have been sold from start to finish. We use Scoop to manage roofing, solar batteries, smart homes and gutters. You can customize Scoop and create different workflows any way you want."

JASON WISWELL | COO, Simmitri Inc.

Discover More Scoop Features

With Scoop you are not just saving time and money.


Integrated Scheduling

View all installation and service work orders on the same central calendar. Control the work orders that each user sees based on their access.


Native Mobile Apps

Leverage Scoop’s advanced offline-available native iOS & Android apps to empower your field team. Make it easy to access and collect data and execute work from anywhere.


Flexible Access Control

Easily provide just the right level of access to internal teams, subs, partners even clients with Scoop’s unlimited user plans and flexible roles and access control.


Centralized Data & Docs

Use Scoop’s specially designed architecture & unlimited storage to organize client, project & job data, documents and media. Put an end to the time wasted searching for information.

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