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Conveyor Belt of Solar Operations

Conveyor Belt of Solar Operations(tm)
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5 Webinars on Automating Stages of Solar Operations

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Set Up Your Solar Operations For Success In 2022

Why It Matters

  • Solar industry is growing rapidly & creating opportunities.

  • Companies with the right systems can take the lead.

  • Skilled labor shortage is a significant obstacle to growth.

What You’ll Learn

  • Identify top time & money wasters in your solar ops.

  • Use modern workflow automation to increase efficiency.

  • Save upwards of 40 hours of labor per project.

Proud to Serve Solar Leaders at over 15,000 Client Sites Worldwide

Scoop is the Preferred Choice for Solar Project Management Software

Scoop® Solar is helping solar, battery storage, EV infrastructure companies of all sizes execute thousands of projects & maintenance tasks, connect their software tools, increase efficiency and their capacity for growth. On average, customers save upwards of 40 hours per project and achieve 20-30X return on investment with Scoop.

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I would recommend using Scoop to manage projects. Simmitri got Scoop for managing roofing, solar, batteries, smart homes, and gutters. You can create different workflows any way you want.

Jason Wiswell, COO at Simmitri Inc.

Scoop fit our needs of project and task management, automation, visibility, and communication. The Scoops also made it easier to get status updates to all our staff (sales, installers, office) at our desks and on a mobile device.

Mealani Parish, VP Administration
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Proud to Serve Solar Leaders at over 15,000 Client Sites Worldwide

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Topics Covered in this Workshop Series

Join Scoop and learn how industry leaders are growing solar operations in 2022. We will examine a number of topics designed to enable you to build your fully automated Conveyor Belt of Solar Operations.

How to efficiently collect all needed customer information, documents and other data during the sales opportunity intake & nurture process.

How to ensure that up-to-date design docs, plan sets and permitting applications are uploaded and accessible to all team members.

How to empower field teams to capture notes, measurements and pictures during site surveys, installation or service visits.

How to enable partners, subcontractors and external project stakeholders to upload the right data, documents and pictures to your team.

How to make sure all data, documents and pictures related to each client site, installation or service visit is centralized in one place.

How to eliminate the manual hand-off steps required for one project stakeholder to provide data & documents to the next person in the chain.

How to empower field teams to automatically see the relevant customer & site data, documents and notes when they are on site.

How to put in place standard checklist templates for various phases and activities of installation or service.

How to make sure each team member completes the required steps, uploads the proper documents and pictures.

How to make it mandatory for field personnel to capture notes, measurements and pictures during site surveys, installation or service visits.

How to make sure alerts to upcoming due dates and handoff of work happens automatically from one phase / team to another.

How to get the status of projects on-demand in real time without the need to perform a lengthy investigation.

How to ensure the proper team member(s) are alerted when it’s their turn to review a work item or to communicate with clients.

How to see all projects by status and duration in a singular dashboard that does not require manual updating by project or operations managers.

How to provide partners, or enterprise customers with their own project dashboard portal to see status of installations or service.

How to automatically generate branded project progress updates to be sent to customers triggered by workflow or project milestones.

How to design and automatically produce PDF site / service / commissioning reports including punchlist items and related pictures and comments.

How to build a world class solar technology stack that is capable, flexible and future proof.

How the IT thinking is shifting from the mythical all-in-one solution to the resilient best-of-breed model.

How to use a fully customizable Managed Integration Service to automate workflow & dataflows throughout phases of installation & service.