Project Description

Integration Usage

Link the events in your Scoop account with automatic creation of Quickbooks invoices and addition of line items.  Feed relevant data collected using Scoop back into corresponding Quickbooks objects.  Create a “FLO” as a series of steps  to automate or integrate data and workflow with Scoop. In this way when an Event “triggers” the FLO it will perform each Action and Function, one by one, from left to right.  See the specific set of available Events and Actions for integrating with Scoop.

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Powered by: Scoop Robotix GLOO™
Support: Fully Hosted & Managed Service

Available Events & Actions

  • New Invoice
    Start a FLO when a new invoice has been submitted
  • New Payment
    Start a FLO when a payment is made
  • Updated Invoice
    Start a FLO when an invoice is updated
  • Add Line Item to Invoice
    Adds an Item to Invoice by Item ID
  • Build Line Item for Invoice
    Build a line item for an invoice
  • Create Customer
    Create a new customer
  • Create Invoice
    Create a new invoice
  • Read Customer
    Read the details of existing Customer by Customer ID
  • Read Invoice
    Read the details of existing Invoice using Invoice ID
  • Read Product or Service
    Read the details of existing product/service by ID
  • Search Customers
    Search for a Customer by certain fields
  • Search Invoices
    Search for an invoice by certain fields
  • Search Products and Services
    Search for an Item by certain fields
  • Update Customer
    Updates the details of the Customer by Customer ID
  • Update Invoice
    Update an existing Invoice using Invoice ID
  • Update Invoice Line Item
    Update an invoice line item