Project Description

Integration Usage

Link the powreful suite of calendar, contacts and mail included with Office365 to your Scoop account.  Synchronize events between Scoop and your Office365 calendar, automatically add Office365 contacts as users into Scoop and convert emails to Scoops including transfer of attachments.  Create a “FLO” as a series of steps  to automate or integrate data and workflow with Scoop. In this way when an Event “triggers” the FLO it will perform each Action and Function, one by one, from left to right.  See the specific set of available Events and Actions for integrating with Scoop.

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Powered by: Scoop Robotix GLOO™
Support: Fully Hosted & Managed Service

Available Events & Actions

  • Monitor New Events
    Start FLO when a new calendar event is created
  • Monitor Updated Even
  • New Contacts
    Start FLO when new contact is added
  • Updated Contacts
    Start FLO when contact is updated
  • New Email
    Start FLO when you receive a new email message
  • Create Event
    Create a new calendar event
  • Delete Event
    Delete a calendar event
  • Read Event
    Get details about a calendar event
  • Update Event
    Update an existing calendar event
  • Create Contact
    Create a new contact
  • Delete Contact
    Delete a contact
  • Get Contact
    Get contact details
  • Search Contact
    Search for a contact by display name
  • Update Contact
    Update a contact
  • Delete Email
    Delete an email message from inbox
  • Download Email Attachments
    Download all attachments from a email using the message ID
  • Forward Email
    Forward an email message
  • Get Message
    GetMessage via ID
  • Reply to Email
    Reply to an email message
  • Send Email
    Send a new email