Project Description

Integration Usage

Automatically attach files stored in your Dropbox folders to specific groups (sites) or scoops (work orders).  Vice versa, listen for Scoop workflow stage changes and move a copy of associated files such as pictures or contracts from Scoop to your  Dropbox folders.  Create a “FLO” as a series of steps  to automate or integrate data and workflow with Scoop. In this way when an Event “triggers” the FLO it will perform each Action and Function, one by one, from left to right.  See the specific set of available Events and Actions for integrating with Scoop.

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Powered by: Scoop Robotix GLOO™
Support: Fully Hosted & Managed Service

Available Events & Actions

  • File Created or Updated
    Start FLO when a new file is added to Dropbox or an existing file is updated
  • File or Folder Removed
    Start FLO whan a folder is removed
  • Folder Created or Updated
    Start FLO when a new folder is created or an existing folder is updated
  • Copy File or Folder
    Copy a file or folder from Dropbox
  • Create Folder
    Create a new folder
  • Create Share Link
    Create a share link for a file
  • Delete File or Folder
    Delete a file or folder from Dropbox
  • Get File
    Get a file from Dropbox
  • Get File by Share Link
    Download a file using a file share link
  • Move File or Folder
    Move a file or folder to a different path
  • Read File Metadata
    Read information about a file
  • Read Folder Metadata
    Read information in a folder
  • Read Shared Folder Permissions
    Read the permissions of a shared folder
  • Remove Folder Member
    Remove a member from a shared folder
  • Search Files or Folders
    Search for a file or folder
  • Share Folder
    Share a folder with your organization
  • Unshare Folder
    Revoke sharing on a folder
  • Update Folder Permissions
    Update the permissions of a shared folder
  • Upload File
    Upload a file to Dropbox