Project Description

Integration Usage

Link sending of a new document via Docusign to recipients at a specific point within your Scoop workflow stage changes.  Download a completed and signed document from Docusign and attach to your project fields in Scoop.  Create a “FLO” as a series of steps  to automate or integrate data and workflow with Scoop. In this way when an Event “triggers” the FLO it will perform each Action and Function, one by one, from left to right.  See the specific set of available Events and Actions for integrating with Scoop.

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Powered by: Scoop Robotix GLOO™
Support: Fully Hosted & Managed Service

Available Events & Actions

  • Document Completed
    Start FLO when a document is complete
  • Document Declined
    Start FLO when a document is declined
  • Document Sent
    Start FLO when a document is delivered
  • Document Signed
    Start FLO when a document is Signed
  • New Document in Inbox
    Start FLO when a document is sent you for signature
  • Add Custom Field
    Add a text custom field to the document
  • Add Recipient to Document
    Add a recipient to an existing document.
  • Create Document
    Create a new document from template
  • Custom API Call
    Make an authenticated HTTP request to the docusign API.
  • Download Document
    Download a document as a file
  • Modify Custom Field
    Modify an existing text custom field using the field ID
  • Read Document Info
    Read info about a document using the Document ID
  • Send Document
    Send a draft document to recipients
  • Upload file to envelope